How To Borrow Credit On AirtelTigo Ghana

By | August 13, 2022

One of the numerous ways that mobile telecommunication companies use to retain their customers and keep them in business is credit borrowing and one of Ghana’s mobile telecommunication giants, AirtelTigo is no different.

Credit borrowing has developed into a crucial service in the telecom industry as it greatly enables the telecom companies generate more money and rake in more profit.

It was introduced to assist customers who could be their normal call businesses and activities when they unexpectedly learn their credit has been used up. They can continue doing whatever they were doing in addition to borrowing and paying later.

The eligibility requirements for using this service vary from network to network. In general, you might need to maintain your line active for at least ninety days in a row with monthly airtime recharges and consumption.

Usually, in addition to the cost of the credit, you will also have to pay a few more fees that are intended to be extra expenses. Below are the steps for borrowing credit from AirtelTigo in Ghana;

How To Borrow Credit On AirtelTigo

It is undoubtedly simple to borrow credit on AirtelTigo and once you decide to borrow credit, do the following;

  • Dial the short code *588# and you will receive a pop-up
  • Proceed to enter the amount of credit you would like to borrow and confirm
  • Once you are done and the transaction successful went through, you will receive a confirmation message

About AirtelTigo

With a 10 million-strong customer base, AirtelTigo is a strong, innovative brand that offers a variety of telecom services, such as mobile voice, data, financial services, and corporate connectivity solutions.

Through sustainable corporate social investment programs, AirtelTigo impacts lives. By providing cutting-edge goods and services that promote favorable economic, social, and environmental results for clients and stakeholders, the network company hopes to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future.

AirtelTigo is investing in a variety of Ghanaian economic sectors as part of its commitment to utilize technology as a major engine of economic growth in that country and throughout Africa.

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