How To Book STC Ticket Online In Ghana (2021 Guide)

By | May 10, 2021

Today, online tickets booking has made easy with STC ticket Online booking in Ghana.

STC is one of the commonly used transportation company in Ghana — used for long journeys. The transport company is owned by the Government of Ghana and has support from the Agricultural Development Bank.

Ghanaians always have to be present at the office of the STC transport company before they can be able to book for their ticket — for travelling afar.

With this, the transport company brought an online ticket booking management system that enables you to buy your ticket online and pay with Mobile Money or any online payment method you have.

A passenger wanting to book for STC ticket online will choose the day of departure, destination, time and pay for ticket.

I would like to give you the necessary steps you should follow to book STC ticket online in Ghana.

There should no be any reason for you to move from your house for ticket anytime you wish to travel to your next destination. Just sit and relax to book ticket online in the comfort of your room.

How to book STC ticket online in Ghana

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your current location into the “Travelling Form” space given
  3. Enter your destination into the “Travelling to” space given
  4. Now, choose your date of travelling
  5. Click on Search to check the availability

The online portal shall display all the available buses for the journey you want to go with the chosen date.

6. Make Payment to book your STC ticket

STC shall send a ticket receipt to your email or telephone number for your journey

I believe you have the basic understanding of how to book your STC ticket online for your next destination. Now, let us know some of the contacts of STC so that you can contact them in case any emergency.

STC Ghana Contact Details

Head Office

No. 1 Ajuma Crecent Opposite Awudome Cemetery P.O. Box 7384 Ring Road, West Industrial Area, Accra

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 0557943605 / 0557943606 / 0573100375 / 0573100398

STC Tudu Station

Located in Accra Central Business District, opposite the Kimbu Senior High School.

Phone: 0573100340

Achimota Station

New Achimota Lorry Park

Phone: 0245376833 / 05771443799

Kumasi Office

Oforikrom Terminal Workshop and Administration
Adum Terminal, Kumasi Central

Phone: 0557943605 / 0557943606 / 0573100375 / 0573100398

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