How To Backup iPhone

Users of iPhones typically backup their files to ensure that they are secure. Surprisingly, backing up and restoring your iPhone can be a simple procedure. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need it, keeping backed-up files available is essential insurance in case of emergency.

There are a few situations where having a copy of your iPhone’s data is necessary. Your phone can be broken, missing, or stolen, or maybe you just upgraded to a new iPhone and need to transfer your data. Occasionally, data disappears after updating to a newer iOS version. By regularly backing up your iPhone, you can be confident that you’re ready to quickly retrieve your sensitive data in case of unforeseen problems.

How To Backup iPhone

There are different ways you can choose to backup your iPhone. The methods are

  • Using iCloud
  • Back up iPhone using your Mac
  • Back up iPhone using your Windows PC

Using iCloud

Select Settings, then tap on your name before selecting iCloud.

Set iCloud Backup by selecting Backup. 

Tap Back Up Now on the same Backup page. You must maintain a Wi-Fi connection while the backup is running. The time and date of your most recent backup are listed beneath the Back Up Now button.

There are several files and settings that will not be included when backing up your iPhone using iCloud. The following data won’t be included in the backup:

  • Data you already store in iCloud like Calendars, Contacts, Notes, and iMessages
  • Apple Mail data
  • Apple Pay settings
  • Touch ID and Face ID settings
  • App Store content
  • iCloud Music Library content
  • Any music you haven’t purchased or downloaded from iTunes or Apple Music

Back up iPhone using your Mac

  • Utilize a cable to link your computer and iPhone.
  • Choose your iPhone from the Finder sidebar on your Mac.
  • MacOS 10.15 or later is needed to back up an iPhone using the Finder. Use iTunes to back up your iPhone if you’re using an older version of macOS.
  • Choose General in the Finder window’s top-left corner.
  • “Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac” should be chosen.
  • Select “Encrypt local backup” to encrypt your backup data and password-protect it.
  • Tap Now for Back Up.

If you configure Wi-Fi syncing on your iPhone, you can also wirelessly connect it to your computer.

Back up iPhone using your Windows PC

  • Utilize a cable to link your computer and iPhone.
  • Click the iPhone button in the top left corner of the iTunes window on your PC.
  • Choose Summary.
  • Now select “Back Up” (below Backups).
  • Choose “Encrypt local backup,” provide a password, then click Set Password to encrypt your backups.
  • Select Edit > Preferences, then click Devices to view the backups that are currently on your computer. In the list of backups, encrypted backups are shown by a lock icon.
  • If you configure Wi-Fi syncing on your iPhone, you can also wirelessly connect it to your computer.

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