How To Apply For Webster University Admission Online

By | March 25, 2022

How To Apply For Webster University Admission Online. In this article, I will show you how to apply for Webster University admission online. Kindly take a moment to go through the process to the end for more information.


To get started, applicants will have to prepare to submit the following documents before applying for admission:

a. Official high school transcripts

b. A certified true copy of high school diploma or External exams certificate

c. Literal English translations of the diploma and transcripts, if they are not in English. To be official, translations must be certified by an accredited translator or notarized by a competent legal authority. We do not accept photocopies of translations

d. English results from TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, Pearson, Cambridge Academic English, Password, GTEC, or iTEP tests

e. A 300-word essay to discuss the following:

  • Your education and life experience
  • How have these experiences shaped your life goals?
  • How do you expect this program to help you achieve your goal?

f. A letter of recommendation

g. Official ID: photocopy of a national identity card or passport biographical page.

Once all the following documents are available, you may go through the steps provided below to apply for Webster University Admission Online.

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How To Apply For Webster University Admission Online

How To Apply For Webster University Admission Online

To get started, applicants will need to create an account with the institution. Applicants are to follow these steps on how to apply for Webster University Admission Online:

1. Visit the official website at:

2. Click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT if you haven’t already created an account.

3. Next, enter all the required details in their respective fields and click on CONTINUE.

4. Once the account is created, fill out all the required fields accurately.

5. Upload all the required documents where necessary

6. Cross-check on the information you have provided and click on the SUBMIT button.

Application Evaluation

Applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee and by an academic adviser. Primary consideration is given to your academic performance, the rigor and content of your coursework, and your documented English language proficiency.

Webster University also considers your motivation, commitment, and readiness for university life, as demonstrated in your application essay and discussed in your academic recommendations.


For prospective students who have international high school certificates and exam results, the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission requires you to submit these for evaluation.

Visit our webpage to pay the GHS 250 fee, create an account, and upload your documents online. Learn more about the NAB evaluation process. Webster University advises students to apply for this evaluation while in their own home country to speed up the process.

In conclusion, these are the details on how to apply for Webster University admission Online. For more information, click here.

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