How To Apply For VVU Undergraduate Admission Online

By | February 20, 2022

Are you interested in applying for VVU Undergraduate admission online? Well, in this guide, I will show you how to apply for Valley View University, VVU Undergraduate admission online.

How To Apply For VVU Undergraduate Admission Online

Apply For VVU Undergraduate Admission Online

Applicants who wish to apply for Valley View University (VVU) must first create an account. Read how to create an account below:

How To create an Account with VVU

1. Visit VVU Admission Portal (Here)

2. Click on Register to create a new account

3. Provide an active email address and fill in the necessary information required to create and activate your account.

4. Click on the Create Account button

5. Activate your Account (A mail will be sent to the email you used in creating your account)

6. Check either your Inbox or Spam and click on the link to activate your account.

7. Confirm Account Activation by clicking on the button labeled “Activate Account Now

8. You have successfully signed up for a VVU account.

How to Apply for VVU Admission Online

Applicants are to follow these steps to apply for VVU admission online:

1. Visit the Valley View University (VVU) admission portal:

2. Now, enter your Login Credentials (your Email and Password)

3. Click on the Sign In button to continue

4. Start the VVU Online application process by clicking on Begin Application button

5. Complete the form and upload all the required documents as indicated in the application process.

6. Make sure all required fields are filled with appropriate information.

7. Click on the Submit button to finalize your online application.

Applicants are to wait patiently for their admission outcomes.

What Applicants MUST Know

1. Please note that once you ‘submit’ your application, you cannot make any changes, so you can save your application progress at any point and continue later.

2. All result slips, transcripts, or report cards must be scanned and uploaded with other necessary documents.

3. Applicants must check all details and documents entered and uploaded before submission. Any information submitted cannot be amended.

4. Only applications with all required documents submitted will be considered.

5. You can download a PDF version of the application as a guide to the online application. You cannot submit this PDF as your application.

In conclusion, these are the details on how to apply for VVU Undergraduate Admission online. For more information on how to apply, click here.

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