How To Add Or Change Fonts In Google Slides

With the help of Google Slides, you can simply build stunning presentations that can be distributed to others. Adding or changing fonts is one approach to make your presentations stand out.


We’ll demonstrate how to add or modify fonts in Google Slides in this guide.

How To Add New Font To Google Slides

You can select from a selection of typefaces that are included by default in Google Slides. However, you can adhere to these instructions if you wish to add a new font to your presentation:

Step 1: choose a font to use.

Finding the right font to utilise in your presentation is the first step. You may download and use free fonts from a variety of websites.

Step 2: Download the font

You must download the font you want to use on your computer after finding it. You must first extract the files because the majority of fonts are distributed in zip file format.

Step 3: Install the font 

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You may just double-click the font file and select the Install button to install the font on your computer. The font will be accessible in Google Slides once it has been installed on your computer.

Step 4: Add the font to Google Slides

You must choose More fonts from the Font drop-down menu in Google Slides in order to add the font to your presentation. The Fonts dialogue box will then be displayed.

You can choose the font file from your computer by clicking the Upload fonts button in the Fonts dialogue box. You can use the font after it has been submitted and is available in Google Slides.

Changing the font in Google Slides

You can follow these procedures to alter the font of text that is already in your presentation:

Step 1: pick the text.

The text box containing the text you want to alter should be clicked. To choose the text, you can also highlight it.

Step 2: Open the font drop-down menu

Click the Font drop-down menu in the toolbar at the top of the screen. A list of available typefaces will then appear.

Step 3: Select a different font

Choose the typeface you wish to use by scrolling through the list of available options. The selected text’s font will change right away.

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Google Slides’ Advanced Font Customisation

Besides only changing the font type, Google Slides also lets you alter the font appearance. You can use the following sophisticated font customization options:

A change in font size

You can select the font size you want to use by clicking on the Font size drop-down option in the toolbar. The keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + > and Ctrl + Shift +  are also available for changing the font size.

Changing The font style

By selecting Font style from the drop-down option in the toolbar, you can also alter the font’s style. You can select from choices like bold, italic, and underline by doing this.

Changing the font color

You can select a different colour for the font by clicking on the Font colour drop-down option in the toolbar. The Text colour dialogue box can also be opened by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + C” on the keyboard.

Changing the background colour of the font

You can select a different colour to use by clicking the “Fill colour” drop-down menu in the toolbar and changing the text box’s backdrop colour. You may also activate the “Fill colour” dialogue box and select a colour by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + K” on the keyboard.

Changing the font transparency

You can set the desired level of transparency by clicking the Transparency drop-down option in the toolbar and adjusting the font’s transparency. To open the Transparency dialogue box, use Ctrl + Shift + T on your keyboard.

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Utilising Custom Fonts

You can utilise Google Slides’ Upload fonts function to upload a custom font if you wish to use it in your presentation. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Step 1:  Select More fonts

Select More fonts from the Font drop-down menu in the toolbar.

Step 2: Upload the font 

Select the font file from your computer by clicking the Upload fonts button in the Fonts dialogue box. You can use the font after it has been submitted and is available in Google Slides.

Step 3: Choose a font

Hit on the Font drop-down menu once again and choose the uploaded custom font.


It can be easy to add or change fonts in Google Slides, and doing so can make your presentations distinguish itself. You may quickly add a new font or alter the font of existing text in your presentation by following these simple steps. To fine-tune the appearance of your text, you can also employ extensive font adjustment tools. You may design presentations that are both educational and visually beautiful with the resources at your disposal.

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