How Much Does A Flying Car Cost?

By | January 7, 2023

You might be asking; “How much does a flying car cost?”. Well, flying cars do not cost much this year since there is one for as low as $92,000. Of course, it depends on which type of flying car we are talking about.

Flying cars were like things that could be seen only in sci-fi movies some years back. In this era of modern technology and AI, flying cars have been achieved. There are cars that can actually fly.

Technology is changing the world and flying cars are now here. There are many car manufacturers exploring this new technology. We will look at how mum a flying car costs in this era.

Jetson One


Jetson One is currently if I’m not mistaking, the cheapest car on the flying car market. It is an amazing one seater-aircraft with eight powerful electric motors driving it.

This mini-flying car weighs 86 KG and can run at 102 KM/H. It can also be in flight for up to 20 minutes. It has some amazing features that make it different from most of the flying cars we know.

The aircraft is so cheap that the entire 2022 and 2023 production has already sold out even before the year began. If you want some, you can pre-order for 2024.

Payment terms are also easy. $22,000 is required as a down payment when ordering. When your car is ready for delivery, another $70,000 will be paid in full before delivery.

You can place your order from the Jetson One website.

How much does a flying car?

There are other flying cars that cost a bit more than the Jetson One. Mostly the cost of the car depends on the tech specs. Below is a list of flying cars and how much they cost.

Flying CarSeatsMax RangeFlight speedTakeoff WeightPrice
Samson Switchblade1345 miles200 mph794 kg$150,000
Ehang 1841350 miles62 mph360 kg$200,000
Terrafugia Transition 4489 miles107 mph650 kg$400, 000
PAL-V Liberty Pioneer2310 miles100 mph910 kg$599,000
AeroMobil 3.02430 miles90 mph960 kg$1,6 million
AeroMobil-4.02805 miles331 mph1400 kg$1,6 million
Moller M400 Skycar4805 miles331 mph1400 kg$5 million

If you asked about how much flying cars cost today, these are some of the flying cars on the market and how much they cost. Some of them are classic and are quite expensive than the latest ones.

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