Hisense Freezer Price In Ghana

By | May 29, 2022

The list of Hisense Freezer Price In Ghana with their specs and features are awesome in such that, you will love to buy any — should you are in need of a freezer for your cold room business or house.

Hisense is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality appliances. They have a large selection of refrigerators to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of customers.

A benefit of Hisense Ghana is the opportunity to buy products from the brand at discounted prices. It will be fun to shop with them because they also have great offers on other equipment such as air conditioners, air purifiers, and water dispensers. You can also obtain installations and other services in-store.

Hisense fridges are also grouped into certain types which are the multi-door, the cross door, the chest freezer, the Upright freezer, the top-mounted double door, the Bottom mounted double door, and the tabletop fridges.

Hisense offers a variety of chest freezers with capacities ranging from 144 to 523 litres, as well as single door standup freezers with capacities of 280, 173 or 176 litres. If you plan on moving your chest freezer on a regular basis, you’ll appreciate the fact that some Hisense freezers come with rollers. Water drains, temperature control, adjustable wire baskets, the Fast Freeze function, and temperature control are all basic features you can find in Hisense freezers.

When Hisense freezers are tested on their reliability, quality of fittings & fixtures, internal layout, style and external design, value for money and overall satisfaction, they always come out on the top.

Did you know a freezer isn’t just for storing frozen veggies, ice cream and mini meat pies? The freezers could also be used to clean jeans or store non-food items like medication and beauty products.

How To Clean Your Jeans With The Freezer

What You Need
  • A pair of dirty (feeling) jeans
  • A large Zip-Lock Bag
  • A freezer with some empty space (ie. not too much ice cream)

Fold your jeans neatly and stuff them into your bag. Seal the bag and place it in the freezer. After one week, take it out and put it back on.

While this method won’t miraculously remove stains and isn’t really meant for “work pants”, it is said to kill any living creatures and make your jeans look sharp and pristine again.

Hisense Freezer Price In Ghana

Below are some of the Hisense freezers available on the market.

500l Hisense chest freezer – GHC 2,9000

260L chest Freezer – GHC 1,100

Hisense 400LCFS 400L Chest Freezer  – GHC ₵2,800

940L Hisense Chest Freezer. -GHC 6,000

660L Hisense Double Door Chest Freezer – GHC 4,999

520L Hisense chest freezer – GHC 3,000

We are glad to keep you updated about Hisense Freezer Price In Ghana and everything you would love to know.

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