Heat Press Machine Price In Ghana

By | April 17, 2022

Do you have the desire to start a heat press business and do not know how to go about it, stick with us as we walk you through the good things you can make out of the heat press business.

A heat press is a machine engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a substrate, such as a t-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a preset time period.

Types Of Heat Press Available

Heat presses can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or wholly automatically using compressed air or hydraulics.

Heat press machines come in two main styles. They are:

  • Flatbed Heat Press: Clamshell (EHP), Swing Away (ESP), and Draw are examples of flatbed heat presses (EDP). Some heat presses, such as the Clammshell / Draw heat press or the Swing / Draw Hybrid, is capable of adding at least two of the three options.
  •  Rotary Heat Press: Types include roll-to-roll (ERT), multifunctional (EMT), and tiny format (EST).

ReasonsWhy You Should Start A Heat Press Machine Business

You Don’t Need Much Space

Heat press transfers don’t take up a lot of space; you only need around 3 feet of counter space to get started. Alternatively, a solid table will suffice. You don’t have to be concerned about environmental regulations when it comes to disposing of ink waste (like you do with screen printing). Furthermore, you will not require a large screen printing machine or drying equipment. A heat press can be set up in any spare room or garage.

Get started with the little amount you have

 For cash-strapped newcomers, the thought of buying a relatively expensive automatic screen printing press or a high-end embroidery machine simply isn’t practical. However, almost everyone can afford a heat press and the supplies required to start heat printing.

Learn to Apply Heat Press Transfers in Minutes

The learning curve is also minimal: as you might expect, you can pick up how to use a heat press in a matter of minutes. There are a few basic things to remember, such as pre-heating the clothing before applying the graphic and understanding whether to peel the graphic while it is still hot or after it has cooled. But, in general, anyone can learn how to apply a transfer in about five minutes. One of the things that makes heat transfer technology so appealing is how simple it is to use. True, you’ll have to figure out which shirts perform best with heat transfers, but that’s about it.

No Artwork Necessary

Transfer Express provides unique thermal press transfers without artwork allowing you to add brands or designs. There is a template system in place. With the EasyView Designer, you can customize thousands of templates online. It’s quite easy to do, and the results are extremely professional. You choose the colors and specify the sort of shirt you want to print on. Heat press transfers that are ready to use will be at your door in just a few days. One-color designs can even be shipped the same day.

 Fast Return on Investment

Heat Press Transfers are used to adorn millions of clothes each year. They’re employed in both short-run, on-demand scenarios and high-volume garment production. You can print on anything nowadays with the huge selection of heat press transfers available, including low-temp adhesives that won’t sear sensitive textiles. Profits can be made on any quantity, even one piece. Heat press technology is increasingly being recognized as a viable, inexpensive, and successful business prospect so you are guaranteed your quick returns on investment.

Heat Press Machine Price In Ghana

The price of a Heat Press machine in Ghana stsrts from  GHS 1,900.00 to GHS 10,800.00 depending on the type of machine and the specifications.

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