GOtv Packages and Prices in Ghana 2021

By | September 12, 2021

If you are reading this article, then it means you have probably heard a lot about GOtv and finally need to decide which package is best for you and their prices.
In this post, we will look at GOtv packages and prices in Ghana. GOtv has about six packages: GOtv Max, GOtv Plus, GOtv Value, GOtv Lite Annual, GOtv Lite Monthly, and GOtv Lite Quarterly. In this article, we will look at each of these plans and their prices in Ghana.

GOtv Max Package and Price in Ghana

The GOtv Max package is GHS 80 per month. This package consists of about 50+ world-class channels, including three music channels, six sports channels, four movie channels, and other 51 channels. This is their most costly account, and it is recommended for families where there are adults, teens, and children because it contains a lot of stations.

GOtv Plus Package and Price in Ghana

The GOtv Plus package costs GHS 50 per month. This package consists of about 40 channels which are great entertainment for everyone in the family. The channels on this package include; two music channels, three sports channels, three movie channels, and the other 41 channels.

GOtv Value Package and Price in Ghana

The price of the GOtv Value package is GHS 25 monthly. This is recommended for those in sports, and there are other 30+ great channels. The GOtv Value package has one music channel, two sports channels, one movie channel, and 33 channels.

GOtv Lite Packages and Their Price

This is the most affordable subscription package. It comes in three subscriptions based on the time.
The GOtv Lite plan has only one channel for music, one for sports, and the other 26 channels, including local TV stations. The cost becomes more affordable based on the length of time. Under GOtv lite Package, we have the monthly subscription, the annual subscription, and the quarterly subscription.
The GOtv Lite monthly costs GHS 14 per month. The GOtv Lite quarterly costs GHS 37 per every three months. The GOtv Lite Annual cost GHS 85 for a period of one year.

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