GoTV Decoder Prices in Ghana

By | September 24, 2021

The best way to watch TV in Ghana is to buy a decoder. It’s the most reliable and common way to access TV channels in Ghana. Professionals usually install the decoders, but you can also do it yourself if you think you can. 

GoTV is one of the best and most used paid digital television networks used in Ghana. With their cheap subscription plans, mend for all people. 

It also has exciting channels from Entertainment, Sports, movies, and many more. The number of channels on their platform is based on your subscription. You can read more about their subscription plan here.

If you are interested and want to buy a GoTV decoder, then in this article, we will look at the price of the GoTV decoder and where you can buy some in Ghana.

The GoTV decoder Price in Ghana

The price of GoTV decoder in Ghana is GHS200, including Power supply unit 12v, Remote, Av cable, UHF GoTenna, and Coaxial cable.

The price of GoTV decoder only without an antenna is GHS150.

The price of GoTV remote only is GHS70.

The price of GoTV antenna only is GHS150.

Looking at the prices above, it means you can buy the various parts of the decoder separately, which will cost more than buying the complete package. Also, you can replace your faulty remotes and antenna easily without buying the whole package.

Where can you buy a GoTV decoder in Ghana?

You can buy GoTv in decoder un all TV shops, home appliance shops and electronic shops in Ghana. Below are some notable places you can buy your decoder from.

1. Alexander-Selasi-Bumekpor

Location: Accra central/Circle

Tel : 0201913334/0201913334

2. Cadmus

Location: GD-039-6414,Greater Accra

Tel : 0540115187/0540115187

3. Afis Electricals

Location: GN-0544-5213,Tema Community 25 Mall

Tel:0555041055/ 0303317757

4. MStar Digital

Location: GT-052-4389,Tema Community 5


5. Rams Ventures

Location: GT-005-6882,Tema Community 1 Opp. TDC


6. Space Tv Limited

Location:GT-341-0567,Tema Community 18


7. Fast Link Satellite

Location: Kumasi

Tel: 0244775849

8. Tomba ventures

Location: Millenium Plaza, Lake Rd, Kumasi


9. Mwinder Skynet Company

Location: Cape Coast

Tel: 0503027447

10. Godkin

Location: Kasoa

Tel: 0244097258

11. Fransache Enterprise

Location: Obuasi


12. Space tv

Location: Obuasi


13. A Razak Ent

Location: Tamale,


14. Amin Prass



15. Babs Satellite

Location: Tamale


16. Freeda Ent

Location: Tamale 


17. Hamras Ent

Location: Tamale 


18. M Haruna Ent

Location: Tamale 


19. Rashad Ent

Location: Tamale 


20. Roseth Power Ent

Location: Tamale 


21. Sasco Ent

Location: Tamale 


22. Soliyoya Ent

Location: Tamale 

Tel: 0243387562

You can also buy from online platforms like Jumia Ghana.


Now you know the price of GoTV decoder, the complete package, only the decoder, only the antenna, or the remote. You have also seen someplace you can buy one if you are in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Tamale, and others. Remember that most of the dealers mentioned above are also installers, so that you can contact them for all GoTV related services in Ghana.

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