Gevey SIM Price in Ghana 2021

By | October 20, 2021

A Gevey sim is a device used to unlock phones and tablets that are locked on certain networks. The device has a microchip inside it and was initially designed by a company called Gevey.

Customers can purchase this chip from Gevey and insert it into the phone. This allows the customer to use other carriers if they choose not to be locked into one specific carrier at a time.

Benefits of Gevey SIM

Many people don’t realize that there are many benefits to using a Gevey sim. For instance, some customers may have credit with one carrier, but they want to switch carriers because of better rates or services. This is where the chip comes in handy because it will allow them to switch without having to trade in their phone for another.

In Ghana here, Gevey SIM is needed to temporary unlock your locked iPhone since permanent unlock is expensive and hard to find a genuine person to do that for you.

Gevey SIM price in Ghana

The price of a Gevey SIM card in Ghana is between GH80 and GHS 140. The price may differ from shop to shop.

Where to Buy Gevey SIM in Ghana

You can get Gevey SIM from some iPhone shops and repair shops. iShops Ghana is a confirmed place you can get your Gevey SIM, but you can also ask for it from nearby iPhone shops.

How to unlock an iPhone with Gevey.

It is not all that difficult to install the Gevey SIM yourself. It just needs much care and attention when doing it.

  • After your have your SIM card, insert it in the Gevey SIM. Make sure it fits well.
  • Insert the Gevey in your iPhone.
  • Follow the device’s instruction after inserting the Gevey SIM.

It may ask for the ICCO number. Since each update comes with their ICCO, you can easily get it.


Gevey SIM is what most locked iPhone users use because it is less expensive and easy to do in Ghana here. Share your experience, where you bought one and any questions in the comment box.

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