Gas Burner Prices In Ghana 2022

By | April 26, 2022

With technology, the world is changing from the olden time when we use coal pots for cooking and doing other things. Now, gas burners have made cooking simple and faster. There are different brands of gas burners and models in the world.

In today’s article, we will be talking about gas burners prices in Ghana. So if you want the price of gas burners, then this article is the best for you.

How Much Does Gas Burner Cost In Ghana?

In Ghana, there are many brands of gas burners. Also, these brands come with different models. In the table below, we will be showing you some of the prices of the brands of gas burners in Ghana.

BrandPrice (Ghc)Seller
Delron 4 Burner Gas Cooker Shelves Stand4,99.00Goodluck Africa
LG 90 X 60 5 Burner Gas Cooker with Power Convection5,690.00Goodluck Africa
Midea SP5055B059-BG 4 Burners 50 x 50 Gas Stove1,
Delron 3 Burner Glass Top Automatic Stove219.00Goodluck Africa
Bruhm (BGC – 9642G2) 6- Burner Gas Cooker with 2 Electric plates2,980.00Goodluck Africa
Innova 4 Burner Standing Gas Cooker 60×60 with Oven and Grill Auto ignition1,799.00Goodluck Africa
Bruhm 4 Burner Gas cooker with oven and grill BGC 5540IS (50×50)1,299.00Goodluck Africa
Bruhm 60cm X 60cm Gas cooker BGC – 6640IS – 4 Gas1,599.00Goodluck Africa
Bruhm 6 burner 4Gas + 2hot plate – 4Gas cooker3,299.00Goodluck Africa
NOVO 4 Gas Burner with Oven and Grill 50×501,099.00Goodluck Africa
LG Gas Cooker 60×60 standing burner with Oven – FA211RMA4,199.00Goodluck Africa
Innova 5 Burner Standing Gas Cooker3,790.00Goodluck Africa
Fairmate Gas cooker 60×60 cm – 4 Burner1,699.00Goodluck Africa
Icona  2 Burner Gas cooker glass top168.00Goodluck Africa
Sayona 4 Burner Gas Stove499.00Goodluck Africa
Nasco 4 burner gas stove199.00Compu Ghana
Icona 3 Burner Automatic Glass255.00Niamapa


In Ghana, there are many brands of gas burners. Also, these brands come in different models. However, we have compiled some of the prices of gas burners in Ghana

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