Franko Trading Samsung Phone Prices in Ghana

Franko Trading enterprise is currently one of the leading retail and wholesale mobile phones, computers, Laptops, Televisions, Accessories, etc. companies in Ghana so far, their service is considered as one of the best among the thousands of retailers and wholesale enterprises.

Their low production cost has seen them attain many customers in Ghana, they have their products shipped right from the headquarters of big companies in the world including Samsung and others.

Let’s discover more about Samsung and the prices of their mobile phone at the shops of Franko across the country.

Franko Enterprise has in stock the best and latest Samsung mobile phones that go for a cool price. These phones include the Samsung Galaxy and other reliable phones from Samsung that one can depend on.

The List of Samsung Phones Available at Franko enterprise and their prices are listed below;

SAMSUNG MOBILE PHONES                                            FRANKO PRICES (GHC)

SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 (F926B) 512GB+12GB       ₵11,999.00

SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 (F926B) (256GB+12GB)    ₵11,299.00

SAMSUNG A7 T505 (32GB+3GB) GRAY                             ₵1,550.00

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A7 LITE (64GB/4GB)                   ₵1,229.00

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A7 LITE (32GB+3GB)                  ₵1,050.00

A03S (64GB/4GB)                                                                  ₵800.00

SAMSUNG A22 (64/4)                                                            ₵1,149.00

SAMSUNG A03S (32GB/3GB)                                               ₵729.00

GALAXY Z FLIP 3                                                                   ₵6,599.00

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S7 FE (128/6)                         ₵3,250.0

SAMSUNG GALAXY A72 (128/8)                                         ₵2,599.00

SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 (8/128)                                          ₵5,199.00

SAMSUNG GALAXY A12(128GB)                                         ₵999.00

SAMSUNG GALAXY A02S (32/3)                                          ₵729.00

SAMSUNG GALAXY A12 (4/64)                                            ₵850.00

Samsung B310                                                                       ₵130.00

Samsung E1207                                                                     ₵110.00

Samsung E1205                                                                     ₵105.00

samsung a12 price in ghana franko phones

samsung a10 price in ghana franko phones

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