Franko Phones Itel Phones Prices In Ghana

By | September 21, 2023

This is the list of all itel phones and prices at Franko phones in Ghana average smartphone lover in 2023 from ICT Catalogue.

Getting yourself a cool Itel phone to suit your need is one of the good decisions you can make for yourself when you are looking to buy a handy smartphone. Itel produces a lot of phones and in this study, we are looking at the various Itel phones you can find at Franko phones and their corresponding prices.

About Franko Phones

Franko Trading Enterprise is a leading retailer and wholesaler of mobile phones, computers, laptops, televisions, and other electronic accessories. Since its inception in 2004, the company has been among the first to introduce contemporary technical devices to Ghana. Their business offers the greatest technologies and items at reasonable pricing for Ghanaians. As a result, they have earned the moniker ‘Phone papa Fie,’ which means  ‘Home of Quality Phones.’

Since its inception in 2004, Franko Phones has grown to encompass practically all regions and parts of the country, including rural and metropolitan trade centers (33 Branches). In order to provide their customers with economical and high-quality items,

Prices Of Itel Phones At Franko Phones

Below are the list of itel phones and their corresponding prices.

ITEL P17 PRO (32GB+2GB) 4G LTE – ₵630.00

ITEL P17 (16GB+1GB) ₵460.00

ITEL A58 PRO (32GB+2GB). ₵640.00

ITEL A58 ₵560.00

ITEL 2173 ₵80.00

ITEL 2160 ₵80.00

ITEL 5606 ₵90.00

ITEL 5081 ₵100.00

ITEL 6350 ₵170.00

ITEL A33 PLUS (16+1) ₵400.00

ITEL P15 (16GB+1GB) ₵405.00

ITEL S17 (16GB+1GB). ₵600.00

ITEL PRIMETAB 1 (32GB+1GB). ₵590.00

ITEL P37 PRO (32GB+2GB) ₵750.00

ITEL P37 (32GB+2GB) ₵660.00

ITEL A14 PLUS ₵305.00

ITEL A37 ₵460.00

ITEL 5626 ₵140.00

ITEL KIDPAD 1 (32GB + 1GB). ₵540.00

ITEL 5615 ₵110.00

ITEL A56 ₵510.00

ITEL A16 PLUS ₵345.00

How To Contact Franko Phones

  • The head office of Franko Phones can be found at Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Adabraka Opposite Roxy cinema,
  • 0246422338 | 0546133188
  • They have other branches in Kumasi and other major cities in the country.
  • [email protected]

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