List Of Electronic Shops In Accra

By | November 27, 2023

The List Of Electronic Shops In Accra helps average electronic gadget users in Ghana to make choice for their preferred electronic product from any designated shop nearby.

Accra as the capital city of Ghana is expected to have the best of items stored at the best places in the country, in Accra, there are so many shops here, and every shop has it own category of items they sell, in this very article, we look at some of the best electronic shops in the Capital city of Ghana, Accra.

These are all the List Of Electronic Shops In Accra with their contacts numbers and locations.

Melcom Ghana

Melcom Ghana serves as Ghana’s number one online store that deals in selling a variety of Supermarket, Electrical Appliances, electronics, Furniture, Household goods, Mobile Phones and IT accessories to average Ghanaian consumers.


This shop is located at Otublohum Rd, Accra. At Melcom plus, One has the chance to compare the prices of different brands. They offer a good shopping experience as well.


Junction Mall at Nungua is where this shop can be found, it is one of the best stores for electronic devices and accessories, the company also maintains branches at other malls in the cities of Accra.


Popularly called as Circle Mall, you can get so many electronic products to purchase at cheaper prices. There are varieties of electronic products at wholesale prices that makes buying from Circle Mall very affordable.

If you are looking for your favorite mobile phones such as Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows mobile phones, etc, and their accessories, this shop can be your place of rescue; they also offer to fit and repairing services to their customers as well.


Hisense has so many branches in Accra, their electronic appliances are considered as one of the best in the system so far, they have a collection of devices and home appliances, moreover, they give a 5 years warranty to all their buyers which makes it a perfect place to shop all your electrical appliances in Accra.


This shop is also located at Kotoko Avenue in Accra, they sell quality and affordable phones, laptops and also repair your phones too. It’s a great place to shop at.


For all your IT wares, look no further than this shop at the Plot 210 Osu Badu St, Accra. They sell CCTV Cameras and other electrical and household appliances, their prices are so affordable too.


This shop at Darkuman Junction, Off Kaneshie-Odorkor Highway, is one of the best shops to get all your electronic appliances, pricing is so competitive especially for their fridges, rice cookers, and washing machines.

Anywhere you are, I know these list on the List Of Electronic Shops In Accra can help you locate an electronic shop quickly.

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