Does Whatsapp Web Show Deleted Messages?

By | April 27, 2023

When it comes to instant messaging apps, Whatsapp emerges as one of the most widely used apps globally. Whatsapp allows users to be in touch with friends, family, and loved ones by exchanging messages, sharing media, and making calls.

But have you ever wondered if deleted messages in Whatsapp are completely gone, or is there a way to retrieve them using Whatsapp Web?

Let’s dive into the topic and try to understand whether Whatsapp Web shows deleted messages or not.

What is Whatsapp Web?

Whatsapp Web is a browser-based version of the Whatsapp messaging app that allows users to use the app on their desktops. To use Whatsapp Web, users need to scan a QR code on their desktop using their phone’s camera, which will log them into their account on the desktop. This app version allows users to send messages, share media, and make calls using their desktops.

Does Whatsapp show deleted messages?

Whatsapp is designed in a way that once a message is deleted, it is impossible to retrieve it. Not even through Whatsapp Web. When a message is deleted on Whatsapp, it gets removed from the phone, the Whatsapp server, and all other devices it is connected to, including Whatsapp Web. Therefore, if a message is deleted on Whatsapp, it is impossible to see it again.

Although Whatsapp has rolled out a “delete for everyone” feature that allows users to delete a message for everyone, it is not a guarantee that the message will be completely deleted. If the message has been seen by the recipient already, there is a possibility that they may have taken a screenshot, which means they can still access the deleted message. In other words, while deleted messages cannot be retrieved from Whatsapp Web or anywhere else, it doesn’t mean they are entirely gone forever.

On Whatsapp Web, deleted messages do not show up on chats or even on the notification panel. Therefore, it is safe to say that deleted messages cannot be retrieved once they have been deleted.

Can deleted messages be retrieved through third-party software?

There are several third-party software programs that claim to retrieve deleted messages on Whatsapp. However, it is important to note that using such apps is risky and could lead to privacy breaches. These kinds of apps may require users to provide access to their phones and Whatsapp accounts, which means they could expose personal details, including chats, media shared, and other sensitive information. Therefore, we advise users to be cautious when using such third-party software.

Whatsapp and user privacy

Whatsapp is designed to protect user privacy and security. This policy is evident in its end-to-end encryption feature that ensures messages, calls, shared media, and other information exchanged on the app are private and secure. If a message is deleted on Whatsapp, it means it has been removed from the server and all devices connected to it, hence protecting user privacy and confidentiality.


In conclusion, it is impossible to retrieve deleted messages on Whatsapp once they have been deleted. Whatsapp Web does not show deleted messages. Users can, however, use the “delete for everyone” feature to delete messages from the phone, server, and all devices that have been connected to it. It is important to note that while deleted messages cannot be retrieved, users should be careful about what they share on the app and avoid using third-party software that could lead to privacy breaches.

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