Dish Washing Machine Price In Ghana 2023

By | June 6, 2023

Gone were the days we used to spend so much time washing dishes and other utensils in the household but thanks to technology, there is a new way of doing things like washing that will make your dishes look clean while spending less time.

In this article, we are looking at the prices of dish washing machines in Ghana.

About Dish Washers

A dishwasher, also known as a dishwashing machine or simply a dishwasher, is a mechanical device used to clean dishes and utensils automatically. It works by spraying hot water and detergent onto the dishes and then rinsing them with clean water. Some dishwashers also have drying functions to dry the cleaned dishes after they are washed.

Most dishwashers have several cycles that can be selected based on the type of dishes being washed and how dirty they are. Typical cycles include a quick wash for lightly soiled dishes, a normal wash for everyday use, and a heavy-duty cycle for pots and pans.

Features and Benefits Of Dish Washers

Here’s an overview of dishwasher features and the benefits they offer:

  1. Efficient Cleaning: Dishwashers provide efficient and thorough cleaning of dishes, glasses, utensils, and other kitchenware. They use powerful jets of water, combined with detergent and high-temperature cycles, to remove stubborn food residue and bacteria, ensuring hygienic and clean dishes.
  2. Time-Saving: Using a dishwasher can save you valuable time and effort. Instead of manually scrubbing and rinsing each dish, you can simply load them into the dishwasher, select the appropriate wash cycle, and let the machine handle the cleaning process. This frees up your time for other tasks or leisure activities.
  3. Convenience and Versatility: Dishwashers offer convenience and versatility in terms of dish organization. With different compartments, racks, and adjustable shelves, you can easily load different types of dishes, including plates, bowls, glasses, cutlery, and even larger items like pots and pans. Dishwasher interiors are designed to accommodate various sizes and shapes, maximizing the use of space.
  4. Water and Energy Efficiency: Modern dishwashers are designed to be water and energy-efficient. They use sensors and smart technology to optimize water consumption based on the load size and level of soiling. Dishwashers also feature energy-saving modes and eco-friendly wash cycles that reduce energy consumption, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.
  5. Reduced Water Usage: Dishwashers use significantly less water compared to manual dishwashing. They recycle and reuse water during different stages of the washing process, reducing water wastage. This makes dishwashers a more environmentally friendly option.
  6. Improved Hygiene: Dishwashers operate at high temperatures during the cleaning process, effectively killing germs and bacteria on your dishes. This ensures a higher level of hygiene compared to manual dishwashing, where the water temperature might not be as hot or consistent.
  7. Avoidance of Manual Handling: By using a dishwasher, you minimize the need for manual handling of dirty dishes. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with physical limitations or health conditions that make it difficult to handle and wash dishes manually.
  8. Drying and Sterilization Options: Many dishwashers offer additional features such as heated drying, steam sterilization, or sanitize cycles. These functions help ensure that dishes are thoroughly dried and sanitized, providing an extra level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Dish Washing Machine Price In Ghana

LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher, 14 Place Settings, EasyRack™ Plus, Inverter Direct Drive, ThinQ – ₵13,879.00


Four Washing Arms

The multi-directionally rotating arms shoot water streams in various angles that reach every corner of the dishwasher.

Multi-Directional Rotation

With four spray arms instead of two, QuadWash™ provides stronger cleaning performance to clean every dish on every rack.

Easy Loading & Maximum Flexibility

Easy to adjust on-the-fly, this racking system can shift to handle any challenge your dishes serve up.

Foldable Tines

Load the dishes your way, whether it’s a pan on the top rack or a bowl on the bottom.

Easy Height Adjustment

Adjust the height of the upper rack to three different levels to load taller items.

Midea Dishwasher, , 12 Place Setting , (WQP12-5203-S) – ₵6,099.00


  • Model Info: WQP12-5203-S
  • Item Weight: 42 Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 23.5 x 33.3 inches
  • Capacity: 12 liters
  • Noise: 52 dB
  • Installation Type: Free Standing
  • Special Features:12 Place Capacity, 5 STAR ESMA rating, Quick Program (Express), Half Load function, Silver Color
  • Control Console: Full Panel
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Unit Dimension in cm (W H D) : 59.8 X 84.5 X 60

Bosch dish washer SMV69M01GB


The ActiveWater 60 with 6.5 litres, A++ and OpenAssist: Guarantees you 100% performance with minimal water consumption of just 6.5 litres.

6.5 litres: 100% performance – at the minimum water consumption.
A++: Economical washing thanks to high energy efficiency.
SuperSilence: exceptionally quiet operation at only 44 dB.
VarioFlexPlus basket system und VarioDrawer Plus: Maximum flexibility and lots of room.
OpenAssist: handle-free easy-opening.

Bosch Built-In Dishwasher Semi-integrated


ActiveWater 60 with HygienePlus Option: Rinses your dishes at extra high temperatures for top hygienic cleanliness.

HygienePlus option: rinsing with higher temperatures for highest hygienic performance.
VarioFlex basket system: for higher flexibility in the top and bottom basket.
VarioSpeed: rinses in half the time with optimum cleaning and drying results.
AquaStop: 100% lifetime warranty for water damages guaranteed.
Glass protection technology: extra gentle handling for your delicate glasses.

Dishwasher fully integrated 60cm,12 Place


The ActiveWater dishwasher with height-adjustable top basket: Gives you extra space for large and bulky items.

Height-adjustable top basket: More flexibility to accomodate larger items.
VarioSpeed: cleans in up to half the time with optimum cleaning and drying results.
AquaStop: 100% lifetime warranty for water damages guaranteed.
Glass protection technology: extra gentle handling for your delicate glasses.
EcoSilence Drive: powerful, durable, quiet and efficient.

Free-standing dishwasher Silver.12 Place


HygienePlus option: rinsing with higher temperatures for highest hygienic performance.
Rackmatic: makes room for your dishes and adjusts in height by 5 cm in three stages even when full.
Multiple water protection: for optimum security against flooding.
Glass protection technology: extra gentle handling for your delicate glasses.
Child lock on door: prevents undesigned door opening during rinsing


In summary, dishwashers provide efficient cleaning, time savings, convenience, versatility, water and energy efficiency, improved hygiene, and additional features for drying and sterilization. Incorporating a dishwasher into your kitchen routine can simplify the dishwashing process, allowing you to enjoy clean, sanitized dishes while saving time and effort.

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