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By | October 21, 2022

A dating app is a tool that makes it simple to look for love online using an Android or other mobile smartphone. It enables people looking for relationships (male or female) to quickly connect with their ideal match by specifying their preferences for a mate.

This program has drawbacks of its own because many individuals use it to commit online fraud. So many scammers utilize it to trick people online by pretending to be images of the attractive opposite sex in order to pass for the opposing gender, and then they start charging them.

In this post, we will show you some of the dating app icons for android. Also, we will show you the most used dating app on android.

Why You Might Need Dating App Notification Icons for Android?

Knowing these dating app notification icons is only necessary if you want to be able to reliably monitor the arrival of messages, new friend requests, followers, likes, and comments on your Android smartphone.

When you are not using the actual app, the app’s icon notifies you of recent alerts in the form of a pop-up to let you know about the most recent updates.

These alerts are often signaled by icons that appear near other symbols in the status notification bar on the top right or left.

List of Dating App Icons

Here are some of the dating app icons for android:


Tinder has a fairly straightforward emblem and is quite well-known. The Tinder symbol resembles a flame or a blazing fire, but it has a unique red and right color scheme that distinguishes it from other dating apps.

Singles in your region are shown by the app. Swipe someone’s profile photo to the right if you like it; to the left if not. If both of you swipe right, you may communicate and arrange a meeting.


Dr. Neil Clark Warren introduced eHarmony, a dating service, on August 22, 2000. It was among the first online dating platforms to enter the market, and it immediately developed a reputation for being dependable and trustworthy.

Because it matched in so well with the symbols of the covert dating apps, users found it easy to install the dating service, which gained a lot of popularity very soon. Due to its scientific foundation, people trust


Kippo dubbed the “dating app for gamers,” allows users to showcase their pop-culture interests and favorite video games with bespoke “cards” that can be added to their normal profile information and images.

In addition to providing a secure environment for gamers to meet new people, Kippo does it with beauty and polish that are uncommon in casual dating applications. The platforms look stunning, the functions are useful, and the free version is truly functional.


One of the hidden dating app symbols you can notice on your partner’s phone is called Ship. Utilizing Ship is a breeze. In other words, you sign up and add folks to your “crew” who you truly, truly trust, and presto. Now, they can link you with members and swipe for you. You may publish a photo and an urgent message that is only valid for an hour, and that is how it simply operates.

Finding dates for you or your friends is simple with Ship, and there is a group chat where you can exchange profiles of possible matches and get dating tips.

Coffee Meet Bagel

An app called Coffee Meets Bagel can show your local individuals who share your interests. Additionally, you may immediately show your admiration if someone captures your attention.

The program sends men a modest selection of prospective matches every day at noon based on their profiles and interests, while women receive a number of matches who have expressed interest in them, giving the women the opportunity to return the favor. If you don’t want to be put on “read,” a good dating app is advised.


Because of how its logo appears, OkCupid was added to the list of covert dating services that resemble video games. With a sophisticated blue tint in it and a white border, OKC is written on a pink background.

This app’s clever ability to emphasize your interests and turnoffs is what makes it so endearing. You are able to find someone who shares your preferences as a consequence. This an excellent option for anybody wishing to initiate contact.


An application that matches people based on their location and caters to individuals looking for a more “serious” kind of connection. With a focus on long-term interactions between users, Hinge markets itself as the “exclusive dating app.”

Hinge, a dating site that goes beyond looks in its matching, places a big emphasis on interests and hobbies. Using your larger social network, this dating software locates potential matches for you. In other words, no one you talk to will be a complete stranger. Users are aided in their decision-making through personality tests, likes, and dislikes.


Happn connects you with individuals in your area. It’s a neat idea and beneficial for those who wish to meet someone in a more natural setting.

It stands out because you may suggest matches based on people you’ve met in real life. Your chances of finding the perfect companion will increase thanks to this wonderful feature. The symbol for Happn is one of those anonymous dating apps that you may dismiss as a game if you saw it.

You may also create a status on Happn that displays your most recent action. Finding new acquaintances is simple because of its user-friendly UI, which operates in the background.

What is the Notification Icon for the Best Dating App?

Users of Android smartphones have access to over a thousand dating applications, and you may select any of them based on how well it serves you. There isn’t anyone in particular that comes highly recommended. But many individuals like using the “Plenty of Fish dating app” on their Android smartphones.

What Does Crown Mean on a Dating APP?

Instead of manually swiping for possible mates who fit your pair, the “Crown Icon” option on your dating app will provide you with a daily selection of 16 potential couples who have been thoughtfully paired together.

What is the Best Dating App on Android?

Numerous dating applications for Android devices are available. With excellent mobile functionality, Tinder appears to be one of the most popular dating applications. It provides one of the greatest user experiences for android-based online dating.


Android phones have some great dating applications, and you can always find what you need there—regular sugar mommas, a life partner, a one-night babe, a regular client, a one-night stand, etc. However, both benefits and drawbacks are present.

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