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By | September 9, 2021

Have you been going to the gym every day for months, if not years, but never really reaped the benefits? You work out at the gym every day, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re squandering your money and time.

If you go to the gym, you can be stuck with the same muscle weight you had a year before. This is known as a muscular plateau in the bodybuilding field, and it signifies that your body has become used to your exercise program. As a result, you’re wondering what you’re missing.

So you consider whether you should change your training routines or increase your supplement intake. However, in order to achieve better results, you must also recognize that muscle growth is more than just a regimen. It is accomplished by good training, proper form and technique, and the perfect set of exercises.

The Critical Bench Program may be the appropriate guidebook for you because it will educate you on good weightlifting, the proper workout regimen, and proper lifting techniques.

What Is the Critical Bench?
Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench program is gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts and gym goers. It is one of the most effective weight training regimens available, thanks to its arsenal of friendly hints and advice.

This training program focuses on developing upper body muscles with the bench press routine to give you a robust, muscular figure. So, why concentrate on the bench press workout?

The bench press goes beyond the development of your chest muscles. It also incorporates some of our body’s major muscles, such as the biceps, triceps, and most upper body muscles.

The bench press is a popular workout program among bodybuilders. This is because the bench press is a complex exercise that activates multiple muscular groups. Having more muscles involved would result in improved muscle growth in your body.

Compound workouts, in order to be practical, necessitate gradual overload lifting, which has frequently resulted in serious accidents. The Critical Bench Program also teaches you how to avoid injury and strain, from proper warm-up exercises to proper weightlifting.

Who Is Mike Westerdal?

The Critical Bench Program was written by Mike Westerdal. He is a sports expert who received his degree from Central Connecticut State University, where he also played four years of D-IAA football. Mike kept playing baseball after college and began coaching in Europe. The American Council on Exercise certified him in personal training.

Mike Westerdal is a Certified Professional Trainer. He is also a powerlifter who participates in both the APA and APF federations. Mike’s personal best in bench press competition is 603 lbs.

What Will You Gain From Critical Bench?
The Critical Bench program is centered on the bench press. This is due to the bench press’s role in building all of the muscles that make up your upper body strength. Isolation exercises, on the other hand, only target a certain muscle area and will not provide you with the core strength that you require. This is why your gym buddies will most likely judge your strength based on how much weight you can bench press. This is because they understand that the amount of weight you lift might indicate how healthy and fit your body is.

Here are some of the things you will learn in the Critical Bench Program:

1 Recognize the Appropriate Time for Rest and Recovery – The most common mistake that bodybuilders make is overtraining their muscles. This program gives you with a good warm-up program to get your body ready to lift large weights.

2 Uncover the Secret to Muscle Strength and Size – Your muscle size is proportional to your strength gain. Repeatedly performing the same training regimen will keep your body in a muscle plateau. The Critical Bench eBook includes a variety of workout routines to help you increase muscular mass.

3 Have the Right Mindset – The body follows the mind. Similarly, if you do not have the proper mindset while lifting, you will not make significant progress.

4 Lifting Technique – Critical Bench is a powerlifting program. The training teaches you the appropriate form to avoid injury while heavy lifting.

5 Change Your Lifestyle Habits – The author emphasizes to bodybuilders the importance of breaking negative habits such as inadequate eating and sleep deprivation. Muscle growth requires adequate rest and a well-balanced diet.

The guidebook includes weightlifting techniques ranging from basic to advanced. What sets this eBook apart is its extensive advice on training regimens and the do’s and don’ts of the weightlifting procedure.

What Do You Get When You Purchase The Critical Bench Press Program?

The Critical Bench Press Program is available as a package. This weight lifting guide includes the following add-ons to assist you broaden your weightlifting regimen and obtain better results.

The first critical component is the Critical Bench Program.
This is the program’s heart. It is the master guidebook that contains the exercises, descriptions, training settings, and motivation to help you achieve your objective of developing muscle mass.

Critical Component 2: Customized Training Logs 100-500 pounds

The training log serves as a goal plan for how much weight you need to lift throughout each workout session. This is similar to a personal diary in which you can record what you lift on your bench press for the 10-week program.

Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD, Critical Component 3
This DVD is an Audio Visual Presentation on the Correct Way to Bench Press. This video might help viewers get a visual understanding of the foundations of the bench press.

You can also get these four freebies with your purchase:

Bonus 1: The Critical Deload Routine
The Critical Deload Routine is a set of workouts designed for a short period of recovery. It provides slightly lighter training to allow your muscles, neurological system, and joints to rest. This Routine will have you ready to go on to the next step of the Critical Bench Program and keep your gains coming.

Bonus 2: Critical Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors
This guidebook is a compendium of advice from several prominent bodybuilders. These pointers will undoubtedly come in handy as you learn from the finest of the best of some of the world’s top powerlifters on their path to greatness.

Bonus 3: Critical Exercise Guide
If you are injured during the program, this instruction will act as a replacement exercise. It might also be handy if you don’t have the proper equipment for your workout.

Bonus 4: In-Depth Report on Creatine’s Use in Sports Creatine is a popular supplement for muscle growth and strength increases.

This booklet provides an in-depth overview of Creatine. It teaches you everything you need to know about Creatine, including the benefits, side effects, and when you should take it.

Bench Pros and Cons

The regimen is simple to follow and is geared for both beginners and intermediate bodybuilders.
The author is a seasoned weightlifter. The guidelines are also based on his personal experience and interviews with numerous weightlifting gurus.
The program covers every facet of refining the bench press, from the proper diet to obtaining the highest weight you can bench press.
This program offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with the software, you can get your money back.
critical bench reviews

The program lacks customer service. A support forum is required to examine clients’ essential needs in order to develop client-customer relationships.

The eBook focuses only on increasing your bench press strength. You must, however, be well-versed in the procedure. Lifting high loads without sufficient weightlifting skills could result in a catastrophic mishap.

Does Critical Bench Work?
The Critical Bench Program focuses on gradually overloading your muscles. This is significant because working muscles to their limits causes them to grow faster. This method has also been confirmed to work by many bodybuilders, including the author.

Mike Westerdal is a licensed personal trainer and sports expert. He also holds certified training qualifications and has written weightlifting articles. He also contributes to several weightlifting journals, including Monster Muscle and Reps. Along with the author’s credentials, the Critical Bench Program is well-known across the bodybuilding community as one of the most effective manuals on improved muscle development.

If you do additional investigation on his curriculum, you will discover that it is succinct and appealing. The guidebook includes a variety of suggestions and tactics utilized by some of the world’s most notable weightlifters.


The Critical Bench will provide you a thorough knowledge of the significance of a bench press session.

This program can also serve as a guide to understanding the science of muscle development by taking a new approach to the bodybuilding process. The author makes a strong point to concentrate on. If you follow the steps correctly, you will see results and develop muscular mass, strength, and confidence.

This guidebook has been shown by numerous clients to produce excellent outcomes.

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