Codes To Check Samsung Phone Originality

By | September 19, 2023

There are so many ways you can check for a smartphone originality but here is the Codes To Check Samsung Phone Originality.

There are a few techniques to determine if the Samsung phone you are purchasing is authentic if you want to be certain that it is.

When it comes to making high-end smartphones, Samsung is without a question one of the greatest producers. With every new model, the corporation never fails to incorporate the newest technologies, but eventually the cost also rises. At that point, individuals want to research the market to see if they can purchase the same specification set for a lot less money.

Samsung phones are now being copied cheaply and sold as the real thing by numerous counterfeiters. These replica phones frequently have characteristics and features that are remarkably comparable to the genuine item. They share the same appearance and sensation as well (but they are not the same). And those looking for a better deal are frequently duped into purchasing these fakes.

Due to buyers’ ignorance of this practise, vendors deceive them by making phoney phones at a lower price. But don’t worry, we are always available to assist with any smartphone-related problems. We’ll talk about frequent indicators in this article to see if your Samsung smartphone is authentic or not.

What Are Refurbished Phones

iRefurbished or “reconditioned” indicates that after being used or broken, your phone was fixed, polished, and returned to seem “like new.” This typically indicates that the gadget is now in perfect working order and no longer has any issues. Unfortunately, occasionally “refurbs” have problems. If an item is reconditioned, the warranty is typically never as good, if it even has one. Furthermore, because third-party replacement parts occasionally replace OEM parts in refurbs, the construction quality could be poorer (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Additionally, the sale and resale values of refurbished items are lower. A refurbished phone won’t sell well if you ever decide to sell it on Jumia or somewhere else.

How to check Samsung phone originality

The following are some of the ways you can check the originality of your phone.

Check Originality Of Device With Samsung Secret Codes

Just go to the dialer and enter the following codes you see below As soon as you type the code, the phone will automatically enter into its secret diagnostic mode and will display all the necessary information needed to check, if the phone is original or not. 

*#0*# (Samsung General Test Mode)

*#32489# (Ciphering Info)

*#232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode)

*#197328640# (Service Mode)

*#12580369# (Device SW & HW Info)

*#1234# (View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM)

*#0228# (ADC Reading)




Check Samsung IMEI Number

The IMEI number is a different and unique set of identification codes given to each device upon manufacturing and two phones can never have the same IMEI. The counterfeit phones frequently lack a valid IMEI number or utilize a fictitious digit. To check the 15-digit IMEI number on a Samsung device, simply do the following:

  • From the drop-down menu, choose Phone Settings.
  • Look for About Phone at the bottom of the Settings window.
  • The IMEI code, Model number, and Serial number are displayed in the About Phone box.

Check Physical Attributes

Verify the screen’s vibrancy and brightness. A genuine handset will have vibrant colours, while counterfeit devices have muted hues.
Keep an eye on the area between the screen’s edges. The space between the edges of the screen and the edge of a clone smartphone is typically quite large.
In the original Samsung phone, the volume and power buttons are reasonably spaced apart. The buttons on the cloned devices, however, have strange gaps.
Don’t forget to look at the screen glass of your gadget. Try touching the display with your fingers; if it feels more like plastic than glass, the item is certainly a knockoff.
Keep the sensor on your smartphone in mind as well. Typically, you’ll notice that these sensors are absent from

Conduct A Performance Test

There aren’t many physical variations between some knockoff Galaxy phones and the genuine article. On the other hand, fake technology will stutter when put through performance testing. Take the tests below:

Open several programmes to multitask. Listen to music as you work on other things. No applications ought to be rejected. Use the Home button to start other programmes instead. Fake phones either reply slowly or hang up.
Examine the camera. Publish a lot of photos. Note the speed at which the photographs were taken. Growth will be stifled by knockoffs. Poor photo quality is another issue with fake Galaxy phones.

The majority of high-end Galaxy phones feature the ability to simultaneously record video and take images.The function is absent in imitations.
Examine the flashlight. The first Galaxy phone’s flashlight is sufficiently bright to take pictures in dim or dark conditions. However, a Samsung smartphone knockoff’s flashlight is insufficient. In dim light, it is insufficiently bright to capture a clear image.

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