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Why Do You Need A Program Like Children Learning Reading?
To begin, and most importantly: Your child will be smarter if he or she begins reading at a young age
Teaching your child to read is the finest approach to raise his or her IQ and make him or her smart. That is a fact asserted by researchers such as Stannovich and Cunningham. Reading, according to a study titled “What Reading Does for the Mind,” not only makes children smarter and enhances intellect, but it also helps youngsters with lower levels of cognitive capacity compensate for this. Early reading also keeps a child sharp as they grow older.

Just look at the graphs below to see how early reading can help you properly prepare your child for tomorrow’s world, making him/her not only highly clever but also giving them a chance to become a genius soon.

The Children Learning Reading Program’s Official Review Website
Early achievement leads to greater future success.
Matthew’s The effect of reading plainly implies that when a child learns to read early, there is a direct relationship to his/her future and academic performance. In challenge, if a child does not begin to read at a young age, he or she is more likely to become a bad reader and will find it difficult to catch up with early readers. Some of the less fortunate readers will never catch up.

Early reading enhances memory, fluency, writing ability, and understanding.
When you educate your child to read at a young age, they will have a larger vocabulary. It will also assist to boost their self-esteem and make them more self-sufficient. You will also assist your child in improving their reading fluency, writing skills, and understanding.

Reading is enjoyable and enjoyable.
As an early reader, your kid will be able to learn about countries around the world, science, history, and much more that they would not be able to do if they were unable to read. When your child is able to read, it will be exciting for them! They will like reading, and it is far better for your youngster than sitting in front of the television.

Early reading helps to develop your child’s creativity.
Teaching your child to read at a young age will provide them with a new level of comprehension and understanding of their surroundings. You will contribute to your child’s creativity, and the world will make a lot more sense to them.

It contributes to your child’s safety.
Last but not least, if your child learns to read at a young age, he or she will be able to comprehend and understand important signs and labels such as danger, wary of dogs, stop, poison, and others. It will contribute to your child’s safety.

Learning to read is an important component of a child’s development.
Every parent wants their children to be smart and successful when they grow up. Indeed, the majority of a young child’s brain synapse creation occurs within the first five years of life!

The graph below is from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University’s study report titled “The Timing and Quality of Early Experiences Combine to Shape Brain Architecture.” It clearly illustrates that the greatest synapse creation occurs within the brain from birth to roughly 5 years of age (the shaded darker blue box).

The Children Learning Reading Program’s Official Review Website
The creation of synapses in a child’s brain at various ages

As you can see, a child’s synapse creation for higher cognitive function peaks between the ages of 2 and 3 years. It is also vital to recognize that the child’s early experiences during these critical developmental phases play a critical impact in determining their brain growth and cognitive development.

Positive early experiences and the development of early reading skills have a direct link to a child’s academic performance and future success.

The Children Learning Reading Program’s Official Review Website
Positive Early childhood experiences have an impact on brain architectural development. This lays the groundwork for future learning abilities, talents, health, behavior, and life success.

As a parent, one of the most rewarding experiences is when your child learns to read. It is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your child. You have witnessed every stage of their development, and now they have the greatest gift of all — the ability to read. The ability of a child to read not only helps to their scholastic and personal achievement, but it also inspires their imagination, allowing them to express their creativity. Reading is such an important component of a child’s development that parents can easily become overwhelmed while attempting to apply a reading method or program to the best of their ability.

This is where the program Children Learning Reading comes in. It is so “potent and easy,” as the ONLY successful phonics program with step-by-step procedures accessible, that parents can easily use it to teach even 2-year-old children to read anything.

The program also allows older struggling students (up to the age of ten) to catch up to grade level in as little as eight to ten weeks! This occurs in a LOGICAL, SYSTEMATIC, AND SEQUENTIAL order, allowing any youngster to learn to read and become a rapid and fluent reader.

There has been a great deal of research into the best way to teach children to read, and as a result, it can be difficult for you as a parent to choose the programs and methods that would help your child the most. The truth is that the majority of useless approaches or programs are based on shaky literary foundations that employ techniques such as forcing children to remember the most regularly used words.

To overcome this, and to assist parents in avoiding unproductive ways, Jim Yang developed the Children Learning Reading Program, which is based on critical reading strategies. Jim, a Canadian-American reading teacher and father of four children, has dedicated his life to successfully teaching children of all ages to read and spell. Jim has assisted over 112,000 parents in effectively teaching their children to read with his Children Learning Reading (And Math) program (You can find many success stories here and here). They praised the program’s “efficiency” and “simplicity” of teaching approaches.

Jim has extensively researched and developed his program so that it may be used not just on older children, but also on younger children, to make them into wonderful readers and spellers.

He utilized this program to teach his children and son to read when they were as young as two and three years old.

Jim’s children achieved tremendous improvement with their reading in only 12 weeks by adopting the strategies in his Children Learning Reading program. Our is demonstrated in the Video Section of this review website. There is a series of movies that document his children’s development in learning to read at various ages.

The Program Is Known For Its “Simplicity” And “Effectiveness.”
It is critical that your child continues to participate in a reading program so that they can become proficient readers as soon as feasible. Unfortunately, most reading programs fall short of this need. Jim was aware of this, so in Children Learning Reading, he made learning to read interesting and delightful by including a variety of stories, illustrations, and engaging rhymes that children appreciate.

The program works so well because it teaches your child to read and help him or her become a fast and fluent reader by utilizing a “unique” blend of phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics.

That is why the program is so effective in teaching not just 4 and 5 year olds, G1 and G2 children, but also 2-3 year olds to be good readers and spellers!

By providing your child with the Children Learning Reading program, you will be giving him or her a huge head start in life by assisting them in becoming a fluent reader as well as intelligent.

The Children Learning Reading Program’s Official Review Website
If your child is between the ages of 2 and 10, or if he or she is in pre-school or kindergarten, he or she is a perfect candidate for the Children Learning Reading program. However, it makes no difference what age your child is or what degree of reading skill they have because the Children Learning Reading program will convert them into proficient readers.

Even if your child has already begun to read, this program can help them develop their skills and give them the confidence boost that so many children require. In addition, if your child is having difficulty learning to read, the Children Learning Reading program will assist them in overcoming this obstacle and reading successfully.

Remember that when you purchase the Children Learning Reading program, you will receive 12 weeks of private email counseling from Jim and his team of experts. As a result, this program is designed to ensure that your child becomes a proficient reader as well as a smarter person in the future.

So, what exactly is the Children Learning Reading Program?
The Children Learning Reading Program is a comprehensive phonics and phonemic awareness-based reading program designed by a professional teacher to educate children of various ages how to read successfully and become fluent and quick readers in a short amount of time.

The program’s lessons are simple, and there are accompanying stories, color drawings, and rhymes to make the experience enjoyable for your youngster. The full edition of the Program includes a collection of PDF materials, audio and video files, common terms, nursery rhymes, and stories that youngsters enjoy.

The program is based on scientifically proven techniques that provide a significant opportunity to help children of various ages learn the essential reading strategies required for them to blossom into proficient readers and to develop the potential for reading not only English letters but also ALL” different words, sentences, and story books within 12 weeks, resulting in greater reading skill.

Many other parents have used the Children Learning Reading program effectively, and this is because it uses very basic but extremely effective approaches to assist parents in teaching their children to read. The majority of parents who utilized this reading program claimed that it is so simple and effective that even their very young children were able to learn to read effortlessly and efficiently.

Users of the program have seen their child acquire fluency with just a few minutes of reading per day.

The Children Learning Reading Program is a systematic, step-by-step training program that gradually progresses your non-reading child or grandchild from successfully articulating letters, words, and sentences to the point where they can read rhymes, stories, novels, and encyclopedias – fluently and quickly. Not only will you be astounded by how well your child can read at the conclusion of the course, but you could be astonished if your child’s favorite spot becomes the library, surrounded by books!

How to Teach Your Child to Read in a Fun Way
Let’s be real. The attention span of children is the shortest. The worst thing you can do is make reading seem like a work to them. All of this will do is make kids view reading negatively rather than as something thrilling and joyful. The Children Learning Reading Program’s brilliance is that it employs very simple, entertaining, and interesting methods that are brief but effective. Each lesson lasts about 3 to 5 minutes and is, of course, very entertaining.

The lessons are meant to keep and hold the child’s interest while also instilling in him/her a sense of curiosity that will motivate them to complete the lessons.

This reading program is intended for a wide range of audiences, including toddlers, children of all ages, and even adults. The fundamental ideas upon which this program is based may educate anyone, regardless of age, how to learn to read.

Uncomplicated And Gradual
One of the most appealing aspects of the Children Learning Reading Program is that it offers you a straightforward approach to teaching your child a critical life skill. It is not at all overwhelming. It is structured and grows up gradually, providing children enough time to grasp each level. They will first learn how to use phonemes, then phonics.

Then they will be taught how to blend, which allows them to take separate phonemic units and connect them together to form full words. By the end of the program, your child will have mastered this method, allowing them to say word after word swiftly and without breaks.

The Children Learning Reading Program’s Official Review Website
Why Does the Children’s Reading Program Work?

The Children Learning Reading program is a step-by-step course that consists of a “unique combination” of simple and scientifically-proven strategies that will teach children of various ages to read fluently in three months. Another advantage is that it keeps your youngster interested and having fun while learning!

The program employs tried-and-true phonics and phoneme approaches. You’re probably thinking how a program will benefit your child when you couldn’t even pronounce a certain word!! The Children Learning Reading Program has simplified all of the difficult-to-understand themes into an easily consumable manner that your child will enjoy. But, before we go any further, you should understand what phonemes and phonics are.


Phonics is fundamentally a foundation for competent reading. It is a way for teaching children the link between alphabetic symbols and word sounds. They learn to distinguish the SOUNDS associated with the letters so that they can speak the words easily and confidently.


A phonemic unit is the smallest unit in a sound system that, when coupled with other phonemic units, forms meaningful words. For example, the only difference between the words “hill” and “hiss” is the unit of measurement /l/ and /s/. Another example is the word “but,” which has three phonemes: /b/, /u/, and /t/. Changing any of the phonemes alters the meaning of the word. The English alphabet has 26 letters, yet there are 44 phonemes [letter sounds or combinations] and 1,768 different ways to pronounce them! Every letter combination that results in a word sound is represented by one of these 44 Phonemes. Here’s an example of a phoneme: ch can be pronounced as chef, chief, choir, or chaos; ea has 13 different enunciations and can be pronounced as heart, mean, head, great, theater, or earth, to name a few. Each letter sound is a phoneme in and of itself.

You probably didn’t grasp what was being taught to you when you were a child. One explanation is that most parents and educators utter a word and then expect their children to read it, or they draw letters and then urge their children to memorize them. Using PHONEMES is how we truly learn to speak, regardless of the language we speak. Every letter corresponds to a sound, and the Children Learning Reading Program helps your child to connect the dots in a very easy manner.

Once your child learns the concept of phonics and phonemes, they will be able to correctly map and mix units in order to appropriately speak words.

By repeatedly using this approach, the youngster will eventually be able to process new words fluidly, allowing them to focus on the challenge of really understanding the words.

The Children Learning Reading Program’s Official Review Website
What Is Unique About The Children Learning Reading Program?
Most reading programs fail because they are based only on a whole language” approach, which causes youngsters to misspell words and speak them inaccurately. Furthermore, some reading programs advocate for the use of a sight word” method, which requires children to recall and recognize often used terms. Many children recall words based on shapes and other elements in this manner. This strategy is useless since they are not gaining any abilities that will help them deal with the massive body of rare but necessary words. Furthermore, many children are simply not adept at memory. As a result, this strategy will also be unsuccessful for them.

The Children Learning Reading Program, on the other hand, offers a solid basis for children to use when confronted with any word.

Using the techniques included in the Children Learning Reading Program, your kid does not have to rely on his/her memory to memorize words, making it easier and more fun for the child to move on to the next session.

The lessons in this program are so enjoyable and simple that your children will learn how to utilize phonetics correctly without even realizing it. Not only will your child be able to read different letters, words, and sentences at the conclusion of the course, but you will also notice your child’s vocabulary expanding and their pronunciation becoming clearer and more correct.

What exactly do you get when you buy the Children Learning Reading Program?
One of the many benefits of the Children Learning Reading Program is that it may assist any child learn to read English effectively if they can talk before beginning the program. This entire course is constructed in such a way that it is very easy to follow; its incremental advancement in terms of difficulty functions as a motivator for the youngster to complete each lesson without stress.

The Children Learning Reading Program is broken into two stages, with a total of 50 short sessions. Let’s take a look at each stage separately.

Stage 1: Establishing a Foundation
The first stage includes 32 lessons. The goal of this stage is to introduce kids to the concept of phonetics and teach them the fundamental building blocks of learning, such as the different letters of the alphabet, the sounds of each letter, and the blending technique. Furthermore, at this time, the child will be introduced to simple vocabulary, as well as more sophisticated ones as the classes proceed.

They will essentially learn how to decode a word and then blend the components together to read the entire word effectively. They will be required to practice these concepts through rhymes, stories, and other enjoyable and simple tasks at the end of each chapter. These activities will gradually become more complex in a natural way. This allows the child to fully grasp one method before going on to the next.

Stage two:

The second stage of this curriculum is made up of 33 courses that cover more advanced techniques.

It polishes the abilities that your child mastered in the first level, allowing them to become even more effective readers. The topic of digraphs is an important reading idea that the child will acquire at this time.

These are essentially single sounds produced by two separate letters. /ch/ in watch, /ck/ in chick, or /kn/ in knife, for example. The stories, rhymes, and sentences that a kid is exposed to in this period are far more complex than in the previous level. They will, however, be able to finish the exercises effectively because the progression occurs in a similar intuitive manner here.

However, the lessons are quite simple to follow, and by practicing with your child every day for 10-15 minutes or less, you will see them grow into efficient and prolific readers right in front of your eyes. This course does not tolerate obvious word memorizing, which is why it works so well. We will not expect toddlers and young children to memorize how to pronounce words; rather, they will be given tools to properly interpret any word and then speak it appropriately. These tools can help you speak any word smoothly.

Children’s Numbers and Math Workbook:

This is a fantastic method for your youngster to learn math, improve problem-solving abilities, and have fun with numbers. Math is essential for all children’s brain development, and this new workbook will provide your child a solid foundation in math, numbers, and time telling. It includes colorful and enjoyable exercises to assist your child in developing crucial early numeracy abilities.

The lesson plans are purposefully kept brief:

Because we all know how short young children’s attention spans are, they are meant to be completed in 10 to 15 minutes or less. The lessons are brief yet effective, and you will notice a significant improvement in your child’s reading abilities in just 12 weeks.

The Children Learning Reading Program’s Official Review Website

There are three versions of the Children Learning Reading Program (Packages)

The Children Learning Reading Program is available in three packages: the Foundation Package, which is great for getting started, the Standard Package, which includes the main lessons, and the Premium Package, which includes everything in the Standard Package plus extras that will improve your child’s reading experience.

The Foundation Package ($39) includes:

The Foundation Package includes the following items:

— Step-by-Step Lessons for Stage 1

– Lesson Printouts for Stage 1

– Stage 1 Videos – In this section, you will observe Jim Yang educating one of his children utilizing the stage 1 methods.

– MP3 Audio Clips and Letter Sounds

– The Most Frequent Sight Words

My Favorite Nursery Rhymes for Children

– Workbook for Children Learning Numbers and Math

– Lifetime Updates for Free

— 12 weeks of free one-on-one counseling.

The Standard Package ($69) includes:

The Standard Package includes everything in the Foundation Package as well as more advanced modules to assist your kid graduate to the next level of reading:

– Step-By-Step Lessons for Stage 2 (Advanced)

– Lesson Stories for Stage 2 (Advanced)

– Lesson Printouts for Stage 2 (Advanced)

– Stage 2 (Advanced) Videos – In this video, Jim teaches one of his children using the stage 2 methods.

– Lifetime Updates for Free

— 12 weeks of free one-on-one counseling.

The Children Learning Reading Program’s Official Review Website

The Premium Package ($89) includes:

The Premium Package includes everything in the Standard Package described above, as well as:

– Children Lesson Videos and Workshop – A set of DVD recordings documenting the course owners, Jim and Elena Yang, as they apply the strategies described in this course to teach their 2.5-year-old child, Ethan, how to read and speak English effectively over a twelve-week period.

– Video Edition for Children Learning to Read – A strong video that clearly explains everything you need to know about the program. Along with a detailed description, it also specifically highlights important tips that you should be aware of in order to speed up the process of teaching your child to read English confidently and effortlessly.

– Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons – Stage 2 is a more advanced level with 22 lessons. To make things easier for you, the parent, the course author has compiled all of the lessons in one location, allowing you to print them with the click of a button.

– Stage 2 Rhymes – A colored picture is far more appealing and exciting, especially to young children. This bonus gives you access to all of the full-color illustrations that appear in the rhyme section of each lesson in Stage 2. Whereas other language programs cost hundreds of dollars but fail to produce any results, the Children Learning Reading Program costs only $39. The Premium Package is only $69.90, but it includes all of the tools you’ll need to make this course even easier to implement.

Jim is so convinced that the Children Learning Reading Program will help you that he has decided to provide a 60-day, no-questions-asked, full refund guarantee.

A five-year-old child is reading a “technical” book! (Jim Yang’s Reading Program helped her learn to read.)

How to Order Jim’s Children Learning Reading Program in Its Complete Form (Plus Built-In Comprehension Check Exercises, And Upgraded Math Program)

To obtain a copy of the Children Learning Reading Program right now, simply follow these simple steps:

– You will then be directed to a secure payment form where you will be presented with various payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, and PayPal. Please enter your payment information and click “Pay Now” to submit it.

– Once your payment is validated, you will be automatically led to the confirmation page, where you will find a link to download the Children Learning Reading Program right away. Finally, you will receive an email with your order details, including your unique download URL for the program.

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