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By | March 12, 2023

Children Learning Reading Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Children Learning Reading.

A wonderful program that starts teaching reading to kids at a young age is called Children Learning Reading. This program was created by Jim Yang to give kids a solid foundation.

You can download the lessons in pdf, audio, and video format from their official website.

Children are helped by the program’s amazing phonics and phonemic awareness techniques. For more information on what we liked and disliked about it, read our full review below.

Here is a quick list of everything that the Children Learning Reading Program consists of before we start the review:

What You Get with a Children Learning Reading Program Purchase

32 detailed lessons
Theory of programs
Typical reading issues and solutions
eleven phonics games and exercises
9 instructive short stories
Children’s rhymes
The majority of sight words
Letter noises in mp3 format
Lessons in video
printouts of the lesson and flashcards

The standard Children Learning Reading Program includes the majority of these features.

I’ll move on to briefly go over the important factors I consider to be present in the best programs for teaching kids to read. If the aforementioned features meet these requirements, we’ll move on.

What Qualifies as a Quality Learn to Read Program?

1. The program must be successful
This is fairly clear. A program that doesn’t work shouldn’t waste your time or money. Or, even worse, impedes your child’s academic progress.

2. It should be simple to understand and put into practice.
Too many educational initiatives today fail to take into account the fact that the majority of parents lack formal teaching experience. Poor outcomes as parents (through no fault of their own) are unable to carry out the instructions due to insufficient instructional material and an excessive amount of difficult-to-understand components.

3. It shouldn’t require too much time.
You’ll agree, I’m sure, that the days are already very chaotic. And there isn’t much time left to even unwind for a moment. This is why the amount of time needed each day to teach our children to read needs to be both realistic and manageable. Additionally, young children in particular have short attention spans, so lengthy lessons are almost certain to be ineffective.

Those are the main qualities I look for.

Would you concur that if your child’s reading program is:

Short and manageable, Easy to implement
There’s a good chance you’ll get good results with your kid, right?

I think so.

Now let’s examine how Children Learning Reading compares to these standards.
Let’s start with how well it works as a reading program.

How Effective Is the Educational Program Children Learning Reading?

Effectiveness is essential for any reading program. It cannot be negotiated. It is therefore at the top of my list of requirements.

Even though it’s inspiring to see over 78 600 parents who have successfully used Children Learning Reading to teach their children to read, that number is still insufficient. A better way to evaluate is by understanding the program’s foundation.

And you’ll know that phonics is the way to go if, like me, you’ve been looking for the best ways to teach your child to read. because everyone agrees that it’s the best method for learning to read.

After working through the Children Learning Reading curriculum, it is evident that phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics are the foundation of this program.

Let me quickly define phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics before revealing why this is a good thing.

Knowledge of phonemes
Your child’s capacity to hear and manipulate sounds in spoken words is known as phonemic awareness.

Since the letters in alphabetic writing systems like English represent sounds, this is essential.

Therefore, comprehension of these sounds is one of the essential building blocks required to learn to read.

Simply put, it is nearly impossible to learn to read without phonemic awareness. Additionally, it is the main distinction between strong and poor readers.

Artificial phonics
called blended phonics as well.

The most effective method of teaching phonics is synthetic phonics.

It is the process by which you teach your child the relationship between written letters and speech sounds.
In other words, by blending and segmenting the sounds, you are instructing your child to read words.

This ensures that your child understands how to read and removes the element of the guesswork from reading. and not just trying to guess their way through a sentence by memorizing the way that words are put together (this is one of the primary reasons for poor readers and misspellings).

These are just a few of the explanations for why teaching reading using phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics is advised.

Here is a brief summary of the numerous studies that have been conducted to support the efficacy of synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness.

For your convenience, I’ve also included links to the complete studies mentioned in this review.

Phonemic Awareness: First Study
It was discovered that mastering phonemic awareness is a crucial step in learning to read.
Kids who lack it will, at best, read poorly.

Additionally, it’s a fundamental reading skill that kids won’t learn without explicit instruction.

Synthetic phonics: Second Study
The findings of a seven-year study by the psychology departments at the Universities of Hull and St. Andrews include the following information:

Synthetic phonics-taught readers were reading and spelling 7 months ahead of their age-appropriate peers.
Additionally, they were reading at levels that were far above those of their classmates who were taught to read by using analytical phonics.

The study’s finding is:

Children’s reading and spelling achievement is significantly improved by synthetic phonics, and this effect lasts for years after the test program has ended.

Thus, Children Learning Reading teaches more than just fundamental phonics. The most effective phonics techniques are taught (phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics). Ensure that your child has a solid reading foundation and that there are no gaps in their knowledge that could impede their ability to read quickly and clearly.

Your child is likely to read at a level far above other children their age if these strategies are explicitly taught to them.

The effectiveness is judged to be excellent.

Next, I want to examine whether Children Learning Reading is simple for parents without teaching experience to follow and implement.

Ease of instruction

Theory of Children Learning Reading Program
There is a thorough explanation of the structure of Children Learning Reading before the lessons actually start.

The explanations are supported by a large body of official regulatory agency and academic research.
I suggest brewing a hot cup of coffee and taking your time to read it. It doesn’t take long and really helps to dispel any uncertainties.

Don’t ignore it. It will give you complete confidence going forward and contains essential information that every parent should know.

Jim talks about typical reading issues he encounters with his students in this introduction and throughout the entire program. Also included are the suggested remedies you can use if your child experiences the same problems.

This is excellent because it eases your mind if you encounter one of these issues.

Instead of freaking out and stressing, you can confidently put Jim’s advice into practice up until your child clears the obstacle and keeps making progress with learning to read.

The suggestions are simple to follow and simple to put into practice. Even a helpful section on issues and solutions for learners who struggle is included.

Instructions in Steps
The lessons are taught in a logical and sequential manner. As a result, there is no hopping from task to task while trying to piece together information and attempting to determine what to do next.

Jim explains each lesson’s teaching requirements in detail very quickly.

Everything is covered, so you are always aware of what you are doing.

The first few lessons are over quickly. This will help your child become accustomed to the program and make you more comfortable teaching it. As your child advances and their reading confidence improves, the lessons become slightly longer.

Additionally, each lesson is broken down into discrete steps with examples that clearly demonstrate how you should approach teaching them.

You won’t ever feel unsure of what you’re doing because it is all done step-by-step.

In addition to the lessons found in the program, there are video lessons.

Lessons in Video
There are a total of 4 video lessons, each lasting between 32 and 39 minutes.

Lessons 1–7 in Video 1
Lessons 8–14 in Video 2
15–20 lessons in video 3
Lessons 21+ in Video 4

The 12-week period during which Jim used Children Learning Reading to teach his son to read is depicted in the videos.

These are priceless because you can see firsthand how to educate your child.

In order for you to be completely confident in what you’re doing and how to implement each lesson, Jim also shares his thoughts and advice as he moves through each lesson.

In addition to his commentary, Jim offers efficient assistance and is very receptive to your queries.

Support That Is Prompt
Send Jim a quick email if you ever get stuck or just need some clarification on something, and he’ll provide you with wise guidance to ensure your satisfaction.

Conclusion: Excellent implementation ease

Children Learning Reading satisfies my criteria for being efficient and simple for parents to use.

Next, I wanted to determine if it was a program that a parent with a busy schedule and little free time could invest in.

Children Learning Reading: How Much Time Should You Invest?

The first five lessons are very brief and should only take you three to four minutes to finish. The longer ones take about six to seven minutes.

The best results come from reviewing a certain lesson twice a day with your child. To get the most out of the program, you should spend no more than 10 to 15 minutes per day.

It makes no difference how busy we are. Teaching our child a crucial skill that will directly impact their academic future requires just 10 to 15 minutes a day. And it was well worth it.

Conclusion regarding the amount of time required: Excellent

Concerning Children Learning Reading, a number of parents have contacted me. They naturally want the best for their kids and don’t want to invest time in a useless program that will stunt their growth.

In case these are questions you have as well, I want to address some of these worries below.

Is There a Scam in Children Learning Reading?
I completely understand, due to the many false promises and junk products available, there are always concerns when purchasing anything online.

I can, however, say with absolute certainty that Children Learning Reading is real.

You will observe impressive results if you are willing to invest the time necessary to consistently implement the program with your child.

Additionally, after purchasing Children Learning Reading, you will always have access to the program and all free updates.

To ease your concerns, I’ve attached the screenshots that show exactly what happens after you purchase Children Learning Reading.

The Children Learning Reading program’s purchase confirmation screen
You’ll get a customer receipt as soon as your payment is accepted and an order confirmation screen.

Your order details will be included in this.

You can download the entire Children Learning Reading program by visiting the Children Learning Reading download page by clicking the large green button.

The download area for Children Learning Reading, where you can access the entire program
Download section for Children Learning Reading.

Everything has download instructions that are clearly labeled.
(You should save this page as a bookmark for future use as it contains your personal download area and is available to you at all times.)

The email you will receive following program purchase
Your customer receipt and order information will also be sent to you via email.

You should save this email because you can access the program at any time by clicking the green button inside the email.

Numerous contemporary reading programs have apps. Why Should I Pick Children Learning Reading Instead of Them?

Sincerely, there are some excellent reading-learning apps.

Despite being interesting, they still involve passive learning.
Additionally, your child is eager to spend time with you and receive your full attention.

Because of this, it makes me sad to see how technology has replaced quality one-on-one time between parents and their children and is now acting as a babysitter.

Unlike any app, you are the best person to know your child. Your parental intuition is much more likely to identify issues your child faces during the learning process.

You are aware that developing a solid reading foundation is the most important step in the process of learning to read. And Children Learning Reading does exactly that.

Consider a reading app to supplement this program and give your child access to a new reading medium once they have this foundation and a clear understanding of how reading works.

In addition, the one-on-one time you’ll spend with your child as you work through Children Learning Reading will create priceless memories that you both won’t soon forget.

Is It Worth It for Children Learning Reading?
Although I’ve already mentioned it in this review, I’d like to make a few quick additions.
Jim has been teaching children to read for more than ten years, and more than 78 600 parents have had great success with the program.

I’ve personally seen observable results and improvements and have only heard positive feedback from the parents I’ve suggested Children Learning Reading to.

Keep in mind that teaching more than just phonics is the foundation of the entire program. teaching, however, the phonics method is generally regarded as the most successful.

Children Learning Reading with Patience & Consistency: What You Can Expect

Observe firsthand as your child becomes a phenomenal reader and speller.
Improve the reading, spelling, and comprehension of your child.
observe a notable improvement in your child’s vocabulary.
Watch as your child grows to love and enjoy reading.
Watch as readers who are having difficulty improving their reading skills. eventually catching up to their peers, then quickly surpassing them.

Children Learning Reading: A Summary and Review

Children Learning Reading has consistently received excellent reviews and is advised as a reading program because it is:

It is based on phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics, which have been shown in numerous studies to be one of the best ways to teach your child to read and one of the main differences between good and poor readers. This makes it incredibly effective.

Easy to Implement for Parents – You can follow the program’s 32 simple, step-by-step lessons with their accompanying illustrations.

There is also useful information available regarding reading comprehension techniques. Jim will also provide helpful advice on how to handle various situations and problems that may arise while instructing your child.

The lesson videos provide you with an in-depth A-Z guide of the entire process in action, as well as helpful advice.

Perfect, Even for Parents with a Busy Schedule – To effectively teach your child to read fluently with Children Learning Reading, only 10 to 15 minutes per day are required.

The program also includes the following features in addition to those already mentioned:

Eleven phonics games and exercises
9 instructive short stories
Children’s rhymes
The majority of sight words
Letter noises in mp3 format
Printouts of the lesson and flashcards
Which gives you a full reading program for your child that perfectly complements each lesson.

If you’re committed to spending the necessary time every day and are serious about teaching your child. Children Learning Reading is the best program for you in that situation.
I have no doubt that your child will achieve amazing results if they are consistent.

Jim has given readers a unique discount, which will be applied automatically at checkout.

Therefore, click the button below to instantly access the Children Learning Reading program, and then watch as your child’s confidence and reading proficiency grow.

Children Learning Reading has been a top-rated learn-to-read program for many years, which is why I wrote this review of it.

You are given the tools you need to effectively teach your child to read using phonics techniques. And it takes only 10 to 15 minutes per day to put the lessons into practice.

What’s more, it provides your child with the reading foundation that is essential for their growth.

And for that reason, before considering any other options, you should give Children Learning Reading serious consideration. Alternatives that you can always think about later as additional reading.


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