Bulletproof Home Review + 75% Official Discount If You Buy Today

By | March 7, 2023

Bulletproof Home Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Bulletproof Home.

Using Bulletproof Home, you can keep your home safe from attacks and natural disasters that could damage it. Don’t have no idea how to stop attacks on your home; read this Ebook to learn all the tricks.

Steve Walker’s online eBook Bulletproof Home gives you all the tips and tricks you need to keep your home safe. Most people think of it as a machine or tool, but it’s not. In places like Pakistan, there are a lot of wars and natural disasters like floods, hail, and drought that destroy most homesteads. If you want to go back to your old life after a failure or disaster, you need to keep a few things in mind. Most people forget these things because they are scared for their lives. With this eBook, you won’t have any problems.

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Who Wrote It?
The author of this book is Steve Walker. He was in the U.S. Army for two years before he got out. He came up with the idea for a bulletproof home after realizing that most of the things people do to prepare aren’t worth it.

Arabs came to Egypt and tried to change how food was stored in buildings and basements, but they were not stopped. Steve also saw his friend set up techniques and traps around his home to protect it from a gang. He had a lot of combat and self-defense experience because he had been in the military for more than 20 years.

He wrote this guide for people with the most knowledge and experience. Even though there are a lot of self-defense eBooks out there, customers have said the best things about Steve’s eBook. Steve calls himself “pepper” because he has been through a lot of pain and struggled to get the information he used to write this book.

He talks about the plans and methods they have used in the past to deal with disasters. All of the details come from his 22 years in the military, which makes the book interesting and hopeful.

The Program’s Purpose
The eBook has a lot of information about how to stay alive in a disaster and how to use survival tips and techniques. This eBook is interesting because it has information that can be used in a real-life disaster.

In the book, there are many stories of people who have been through a lot of pain and tragedy but have come out on the other side. Risks and crises are talked about, along with the methods used to solve them and the ones that didn’t work. If the methods used led to bad results, they are talked about so that you know what to do in those situations.

Also in the eBook are the following details:

Self-defense mechanism
Your home’s third line of defense
Don’t get picked on.
The appropriate defense attitudes
Defense strategies and techniques
Defense for prepper
Getting your home’s second line of defense stronger.
First layer defense
Some survival techniques and considerations.

The eBook has clear information about each subject. The eBook also covers legal defense, barricades, alarms, fortified positions, traps, safe rooms, storage systems, snipers, and lookouts. This is what the whole book is about. All of the stories come from real people who have been through other disasters or crises.

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How does the book work?
People say the book works like magic and gives them a tool that could save their lives. This gives them more confidence in a crisis so they don’t panic. With this book, you’ll be able to see through chaos and disasters and easily avoid or stop them.

The book tells you how to survive and what mistakes you might make if something bad happens. Reading the book keeps your mind strong and steady so that you can deal with any disaster. The knowledge of many experts gives you the confidence to do the same thing with more ease.

Who Does It Help?
The book is for anyone who wants to make sure that their home is safe from people, animals, or natural disasters. You don’t have to be an expert in the military to use the ideas in this book. You need to learn from this eBook if you want to help the people you care about feel safe. Also, if you like adventures, you need to know what’s in this book.

Who Wrote It?
Steve Walker came up with the concept for the Bulletproof Home. He is a certified military member who has been through a lot of bad things. He once saw his friend get killed in a brutal way.

What you’ll find inside the book
Here are a few examples of what you’ll get from the program:

On page 16, you’ll learn what to do to get rid of a hungry mob, even if your family is out of weapons. This is a real case study from the collapse of Argentina.

On page 105, you’ll find out how to use magic to give yourself the situational awareness of a seasoned soldier. This will make your sight, smell, and hearing sharper almost right away, so no one can catch you by surprise.

On page 12, you’ll find out how to convince your spouse to start prepping, even if they call you crazy. You’ll also learn how to get your home ready for a disaster without getting in the way of your daily life.

On page 35, you’ll find a plan written by an Israeli for making people think you don’t have enough food…

Even though you have enough food for 10 years in your home.

On page 45, you’ll learn the psychological trick you can use to control the mind of an intruder and keep him away from your family and property. This is an amazing method that has been made illegal in many places.

On page 45, you’ll find out why security alarms don’t help keep thieves away, but a $0.50 silent alarm that works without electricity and doesn’t make noise doesn’t alert the intruder.

On page 68, you’ll learn why having a safe room is a bad idea. Some movies may make it seem like a good idea to have them, but in real life, they have been shown to be very dangerous. It doesn’t end there. You’ll learn about something even safer than a safe room.

Lastly, on page 37, you’ll find out how to keep operational security even with the rowdiest kids. This is really important because kids always act up and tell the attackers, putting the whole family in danger. It is a great way to get even the most difficult child to calm down.

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Special Bonuses
If you buy Bulletproof Home Defense today, you’ll get 4 special bonuses that are also important for your survival during the social and economic collapse.

Bonus #1: Proof of Cash

How to stay alive if the economy falls apart

This little eBook will help you find your way through the dark and uncertain times that are coming.

Doctor in a box is the second Bonus.

Doctor in a Box will teach you how to stay alive in the absence of a doctor. This is very important, especially when hospitals are closed or you have to take care of yourself alone. You’ll find out how to legally store a lot of antibiotics, even if your pharmacy won’t let you buy more than a month’s worth. Lastly, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from diseases that spread through water and kill many people during this terrible event.

The Boomers’ Survival Guide, Bonus 3

This is good news for people aged 60 and up. Many people don’t know that these old guys can help us out in an emergency. Boomers can get by without the internet and other modern technologies. You can use these “assets” in this guide.

Bonus #4: Unlimited power: 5 ways to get cheap or free energy in an emergency

A targeted grid attack could make electricity even more expensive than it already is. You’ll learn how to get free and cheap energy sources in a crisis by reading this guide.

How Preppers Can Build A Bulletproof Home

In the first chapter, the author talks about his life after he got out of the military. It also talks about why he was interested in home defense plans. After spending most of his life protecting the country, he was killed when he moved his family to a new home. Additionally, after the crime wave, the security system was rendered useless.

Also, when he went to Egypt to see his sister, he went through some terrible things. This strengthened his resolve to create a home defense system that is impenetrable to bullets.

Ideas and plans for defense

Everyone wants and needs a peaceful life. But the hard times we are going through, like poverty and starvation, are making people act in bad ways. At this point, even a deadly weapon won’t help you if you don’t have a good plan. During these traumatic events, people are often so desperate to stay alive that they forget their manners. So, peppers should always keep in mind the following:


Also, Steve tells preppers a few things they can do to protect their home or family, such as:

Scare them away and slow them down. You may not be able to stop an attack, but you can at least slow it down.

When you layer your defenses, some of them give you enough time to react and get ready.
The right spot to defend from

Another important part has to do with how you feel during the disaster. It’s normal to be scared, but don’t be that scared.

If you are not mentally and emotionally ready for an attack, you may not be able to get through it. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to get ready and what you should do.

Don’t be the target

The author says that when you are the target, you won’t be defensive, which means that there are some rules to follow. You’ll learn more about keeping things secret and storing them in the guide.

Defense layers

The next three chapters are all about the basic layers of defense:

First layer: the larger the perimeter, the better, because it takes attackers longer to get to your home. Also, it would help if you used barriers and traps to make it more likely that you could get rid of them.

The second layer is that you need to work even harder to make your home’s gates, doors, windows, and walls stronger. This is in case the attackers get past the first layer of protection and you don’t want them to get inside your home.

Third layer: Be ready for an attack at all times. Prepare a place to hide and a way to get away.


You need to know how to act and hit back when you’re being attacked. So, you need to stock up on weapons and, if you can, use riffles.

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Other contemplations

The last chapter talks about other ways to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe. You’ll learn that it’s important to pay attention to everything going on around you, not just your family.

You will learn important information about self-preparation and protection from this useful guide.

The book talks about a lot of different ways to stay alive.
It includes the stories of many real people who have lived through multiple disasters.
The author talks about the ultimate coach, crash-proof, and doctor in the box.
So that you don’t make the same mistakes, you’ve been told what mistakes people might make when facing a disaster.
The eBook is a big hit because it is based on the experiences of real survivors.

You can only get the eBook online, so you need a strong and reliable data connection to get to it.
Since it is a digital program, you will need a smartphone, computer, or laptop to use it.
It will take a long time to put the program into place.
Some people might not use the things they have learned.

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Does It Work?
Many people who have used the product have said good things about it, and other people also recommend it. The book sheds light on any disaster, giving you a new glimmer of hope.


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