Best Android App for Photography

By | September 14, 2022

The smartphone’s camera has evolved into a crucial component. It’s no longer just the camera, either. Smartphones are quickly evolving into the center of the entire photography workflow. You can take a photo, tweak it, and post it online with the right apps.

There are several excellent Android applications available for honing your talents, including some of the top photography apps.

In this article, we will show you some of the best Android apps for photography.

Below are some of the best Android apps for photography;

Google Photos

For photographers, Google Photos is a top app. Your images may be stored in the cloud using it. But there is a catch. Depending on your preferences, it uploads them in Google’s high-quality resolution or, optionally, in maximum resolution. It is accessible through phone or computer. It also has several additional characteristics.

Adobe apps

For creative people, Adobe offers a range of desktop applications. They have a comparable selection of smartphone applications for photographers on the go. A respectable smartphone version of Adobe Lightroom is among their products. You can also discover two Photoshop programs, scanner software (for genuine photographs), and more apps. The one that is most qualified in Lightroom. The simpler features like filters and stickers are better suited for Photoshop programs. But even they have some fundamental items. The applications are at no cost. With a Creative Cloud membership from Adobe, you may increase your capabilities.


By offering a variety of sliders that may change a photo’s vignette, blur, temperature, and other qualities, Snapseed provides users complete control over their photographs. By offering the ability to apply grainy overlays, 1960s film reel effects, or its distinctive Retrolux filter, the program also satisfies enthusiasts of the retro aesthetic. Similar to Photoshop’s layers, Snapseed also enables you to stack effects on any image, making it simple to create a unique outcome every time you edit a picture.


TouchRetouch allows you to remove blemishes and small imperfections from pictures and selfies with a single tap. Power lines of various sizes may be removed automatically or manually for outdoor photography. The program can recognize meshes (like fences) and delete them in minutes. If you want to copy an object in your shot pixel-for-pixel, the clone stamp is ideal; you can even select from a few mirroring settings to tailor the clone’s position.

HyperFocal Pro

It is a unique kind of photography application. It neither takes nor edits photos. Mostly, it aids with computations. You may monitor things like the camera settings and the shooting environment. This comprises the hyperfocal distance, field of vision, angle, and depth of field. Although a touch plane, the user interface is very useful. Really, there isn’t much to gripe about. For DSLR photographers, this software is fantastic. In addition, there are no commercials or in-app purchases, so it is totally free.

ProCam X

An excellent camera app with plenty of manual camera capabilities is ProCam X. You have control over the following settings: white balance, ISO, focus, shutter speed, and, if necessary, bespoke video bitrates. Of course, for such functions to function, your phone must support them. Additionally, there is an intervalometer, real-time filters, color effects, and burst shooting mode (an interval timer). The cost of the pro version is fair, and users appear to enjoy it.

Magic ViewFinder apps

Apps for the Magic ViewFinder are very helpful for taking pictures. They allow you to pre-shoot scenarios and scout locales without having to lug your equipment everywhere. They come in a wide range from this developer. Included in this are those that are Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Red, and other brands. Before setting up your entire setup, you may gather information on focal length and prepare your photographs. All of these applications have different pricing, but none exceed a few bucks. They are superior to the norm for photography applications.


A comprehensive photographic tool is VSCO. Both a camera app and a picture editor are available. It also offers some helpful hints, shortcuts, and a variety of entertaining filters. Different film types are simulated by the filters. Even though they’re rather cool, filters are still filters. It’s a little more difficult to suggest this one than others. It doesn’t do anything particularly well, yet it excels at a number of things.


One of the most functional pictures editing programs is Pixlr. It appeals to professional photographers who wish to meticulously edit their photographs. Additionally, it contains a ton of options for those who wish to enjoy themselves while editing images.

On top of your photographs, you may paint, add text, or add labels. You receive the standard crop and rotate editing tools, as well as the ability to erase or pixelate portions of your photographs. Red eyes and blemishes are easy to get rid of. Additionally, the overlays on your photographs let you alter the mood and vibe of the images. Furthermore, their double exposure function is a lot of fun.


Afterlight is a program that both seasoned photographers and amateurs should consider using. The user interface is simple and uncluttered. They are not attempting to compensate excessively with showy tricks. Afterlight lets their equipment do the talking.

There has a fantastic selection of presets for quick editing. These are great for beginning smartphone photographers who are new to editing. However, Afterlight really shines with hand tools. You may add 15 editing tools and 66 textures to your photographs in addition to the cropping and rotating tools. You have granular control over the editing process thanks to them.

Polarr Photo Editor

One of the most complete photo-editing applications for Android, Polarr is useful for photographers of all skill levels. The standard options for adjustments like color balance, contrast, and exposure are available, and you may even save those changes as personalized presets. For the most experienced photographers, Polarr offers a range of great tools and stunning effects, but it also teaches beginners important skills. Additional features include brushes for facial retouching and original effects that can pixelate or give your image a grainy appearance.


There are several smartphone applications available for photographers of various skill levels since it is a serious industry. Photography applications are available for both capturing and editing photographs. You may use apps to share your greatest work and to assist you with picture sessions.

Here is our selection of the best Android app for photography.

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