Best Amazon Prime Movies for Free

By | September 4, 2022

Which of the free Amazon Prime movies are the best? There are several reasons why Amazon Prime is great. At the very least, it might be challenging to find a good free movie on Amazon Prime.

Although every Amazon Prime member has access to the company’s large collection of books, finding what you’re searching for there isn’t always straightforward.

A list of the top free movies available on Amazon Prime at the moment is provided below.

The Report

This movie, which was directed by Scott Z. Burns, offers a gruesome glimpse inside the Senate Intelligence Committee’s inquiry into the CIA’s use of torture after the terrorist events on September 11, 2001. This is a group effort worth your time thanks to supporting turns from Annette Bening, Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Ted Levine, and others.

Honey Boy

Honey Boy, written by Shia LaBeouf and based on his own upbringing, is a surprisingly touching and profound film. This semi-autobiographical book gives remarkable insight into the suffering and strain of a man forced to mature in the public light by chronicling the life of a former child actor who descends into alcoholism. The director is Alma Har’el.

Train to Busan

Great action, fantastic character development, and extraordinary effects make up director Yeon Sang-fast-paced ho’s depiction of train passengers fending against zombie predators.

The Big Sick

Kumail Nanjiani, who stars in the movie Eternals, takes on the role of himself in director Michael Showalter’s darkly comic account of his relationship with wife Emily V. Gordon. The Big Sick, a film by Nanjiani and Gordon, centers on a couple who are about to split up but suddenly realize they may never see one other again. This hearty rom-com is ideal for times you want to see something with tremendous entertainment value while still being genuinely humorous and wonderfully lovely.


A 90s classic and one of the greatest Jane Austen adaptations ever created were combined into one movie. “Clueless” is partially based on Jane Austen’s “Emma,” but set at a high school in the 1990s. Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone, is a well-known (and wealthy) matchmaker. Brittany Murphy portrays Tai, a new student who Cher adopts as her “project.” Although “Clueless,” written and produced by Amy Heckerling, gave rise to a number of idioms that are still often used today, the movie also persists because of its strong cast and ageless themes, despite having a very retro style and music.

Guava Island

The stars of this darkly jovial musical cinematic voyage are Rihanna and Donald Glover. Hiro Murai’s Guava Island presents a story of oppression and struggle that is always worth repeating. It is a colorful fusion of modern songs and classic storytelling. Make the time to watch it if you haven’t already. It is a bargain at only 55 minutes.


Filmmaker Sean Baker made his name with his 2015 comedy “Tangerine,” which was entirely shot on an iPhone, before “The Florida Project” or “Red Rocket.” Kitana Kiki Rodriguez plays a transgender sex worker in Los Angeles who learns that her lover, a pimp, has been having extramarital affairs with her. The movie is better for having the tone and pace of a rowdy comedy even if it has an independent look and occasionally deals with serious subjects.

The Courier

Based on a true incident, this Cold War thriller stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Greville Wynne, a British businessman who was hired by the Secret Intelligence Service to act as a liaison between a Russian intelligence source and the British government in the 1960s. As the action-packed comedy becomes deadly serious, Cumberbatch owns the screen in the starring role. This one is tense, gripping, and unexpectedly emotional.

Late Night

The late-night television industry served as the inspiration for screenwriter Mindy Kaling’s 2019 comedy “Late Night,” which stars Emma Thompson as a veteran late-night TV personality who is in danger of being fired by the network and enlists the assistance of a new (and inexperienced) writer to add some diversity to her all-male writing staff. The comedy is centered by a standout performance by Thompson as a lady trying to keep up with the times, and it includes elements of a mismatched buddy movie, a behind-the-scenes Hollywood story, and middle-aged drama.


The Handmaiden, a 2016 epic sexual drama from “Oldboy” director Park Chan-wook, is unquestionably one of his greatest works and is a blast from beginning to end. The psychological thriller, which is divided into three parts and is jam-packed with twists and turns, starts off as the tale of a con artist who teams up with a pickpocket to devise a scheme that involves marrying a Japanese heiress and locking her up in an institution in order to steal her fortune. But when numerous love and sexual entanglements take place, the plot of the movie changes in several ways.

Manchester by the Sea

Although “Manchester by the Sea” is a fantastic movie, it is also a major letdown. Casey Affleck plays a janitor living in Massachusetts who is unexpectedly assigned the responsibility of taking care of his nephew after his brother passes away abruptly in this 2016 movie that won Oscars for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. The incident sets off significant pain that Affleck’s character hasn’t yet been able to handle, and what comes next is a solemn, occasionally darkly humorous, and ultimately heartfelt meditation on guilt and bereavement.


“The movie, which is set in 1988 Berlin, stars Dakota Johnson as a young lady who leaves her Ohio Mennonite home to apply for and train as a dancer at a prestigious academy. But as she continues her training, it becomes obvious that perhaps this dancing group is up to something more nefarious, witchier. The genius of Guadagnino’s interpretation of the narrative lies in the way it employs supernatural dread to depict a true horror tale about fascism and the festering wound of evil. As the director of the dance group and a male doctor interested in the events at the school, Tilda Swinton is intriguing in her dual role.

Paper Moon

Ryan and Tatum O’Neal, a real-life father and daughter, play a con artist and an orphan who hook up after the con guy offers to transport the little girl from Gotham, Kansas to St. Joseph, Missouri in the Peter Bogdanovich-directed movie set during the Great Depression. “Paper Moon” is a classic for a reason: it’s heartwarming, humorous, and full of character.


There are several reasons why Amazon Prime is great. At the very least, it might be challenging to find a good free movie on Amazon Prime Video. We have shown some of the best free amazon prime movies in this article.

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