Android Camera Apps with Clean HDMI

By | November 1, 2022

FiLMiC Pro Cinema Camera App now supports clean HDMI output if you’re looking for Android camera applications that support the format.

You may read your camera’s HDMI signal and send it to outside live streaming and recording solutions by following the instructions in this article. The prerequisites for using a clean HDMI signal will also be covered. For more information about this novel technique, keep reading.

What is Clean HDMI?

You may transmit both audio and video by using HDMI to broadcast your streams. You want the clearest video feed possible for your viewers so that you may broadcast excellent live content and build relationships with your consumers.

Various user interface (UI) components, such as exposure setting, battery %, remaining recording time, recording signal, etc., can be displayed on the screen while you are streaming, depending on the kind of camera you are using.

An HDMI video with no burn-in data covering your screen is referred to as a clean HDMI output. To put it simply, there are no UI components visible on your screen, hence the result is “clean”.

How to Test If Your Video Source Has Clean HDMI for Live Streams?

Before you begin a live stream, you may always test your video feed. You can determine if your output is clean by doing this.

Step 1: Using an HDMI cord, attach your camera (or other video sources) to a screen output device such as a TV.

Step 2: To determine if your HDMI is clean or not, keep an eye on the results:

  • You will only see the image if the output is clean; there won’t be any data indications.
  • If data markers like ISO, F-stop, and shutter speed appear alongside your image, your camera either doesn’t have a clean output or isn’t set up properly.

Ordinarily, cameras that offer clean HDMI output are configured by default; however, if necessary, you may also configure it manually. Exactly how you go about it depends on the kind of camera you wish to utilize.

So, before spending money on a live-streaming camera, confirm that the model you choose offers a clean HDMI output. We include a few cameras that enable clean HDMI in the section below.

Does FiLMiC Pro Cinema Camera App Support Clean HDMI Output?

The FiLMiC Pro now features inbuilt Dolby Vision HDR compatibility. Select Dolby Vision under Settings -> Resolution to make the functionality available. You’ll need a screen that supports Dolby Vision in order to enjoy Dolby Vision HDR content. Only compatible screens may display Dolby Vision HDR material, and recording frames per second in 1080p and 30 frames per second in 4K are the maxima allowed.

The most recent version of the FiLMiC Pro Cinema Camera App enables you to record more videos and broadcast them. You may now access your stored settings and watch your clips in the Playback Gallery.

The program will immediately begin playing the selected video in a wider window when you’ve chosen it. Information overlays like titles, subtitles, and credits can also be taken from the video.

The FiLMiC Pro boasts a variety of additional features and enhancements in addition to a clear HDMI output. The majority of the functions resemble the controls of a simple camera. Some of these, nevertheless, are exclusive to smartphone filming. To utilize all of the app’s features, you might need to use it on various devices.

The Cinematographer’s Kit is an additional in-app purchase that is supported by the FiLMiC Pro Cinema Camera App. You may choose between 8-bit and 10-bit recordings with the help of this program.

The FiLMiC Pro is prepared to assist you in streaming your videos to the television. It provides audio over the HDMI connection in addition to clean HDMI output. You may stream video across a network or broadcast it to a large audience, for instance, by using this software on an iOS device. You may build a multi-camera studio using the app and other devices connected through HDMI.

How to Read the HDMI Signal from Your Camera

You may use a free program to verify if you’re not sure how to read the HDMI signal from your camera. Since many cameras have HDMI outputs, they can record straight to an HDMI recorder or display. If you don’t want to fiddle with settings, just select Auto from the camera’s menu or find this option and change the output resolution there. After making the necessary adjustments, you should power cycle your camera so that the output is set to your preferred viewing angle.

Requirement for Using a Clean HDMI signal

You must first make sure the device you’re connecting to has Clean HDMI Output in order to use it with Android camera applications. It will make live streaming possible and transform your smartphone into the ideal camera and broadcast tool. The feed may also be captured and replayed using HDMI Live Switching devices, which makes setup and maintenance simple. There are various prerequisites that you must fulfill.

The ability to offer clear HDMI output is the most important need for your camera. No UI components or burn-in data can be found in a pristine HDMI stream. You may participate in several streaming sites by broadcasting live with a clean HDMI output. You have the option of uploading your recordings to a streaming service like YouTube. Recording may start as soon as your camera is configured with a clear HDMI output.

Streaming a Clean HDMI Signal to External Livestreaming and Recording Solutions

Using HDMI repeaters makes it simple to send a clear HDMI signal to an external live-streaming or recording solution. These gadgets join two HDMI wires and boost the signal’s strength so it can travel great distances. It is also possible to extend the HDMI signal over a distance of up to 100 meters using HDBaseT connections. The majority of streaming systems are compatible with both HDMI and HDBaseT connections.


The upgrade says FiLMiC Inc., “presents considerable opportunity for a number of high-value mobile video processes, including mobile live streaming, mobile webcams, and mobile monitoring.” However, we have discussed what FiLMiC is about in this article.

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