Accra Digital Centre: Service, Objectives, Companies & Contact Details

By | July 5, 2022

The necessity to digitize the African economy has become clear as the globe moves steadily toward a fully technology-driven economy. As a result, the Ghanaian government created the Accra Digital Centre, which was supported by the World Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation, in order to establish Accra as the technological Centre for the West African economic sub-region.

The Centre is a welcoming workplace environment developed to foster the growth of digital innovations and entrepreneurship in Ghana and throughout all of West Africa.

In this article, we’ll examine the key goals of the Accra Digital Centre and a few of the businesses that call the Accra Digital Centre home.

Main Objectives Of Accra Digital Centre

  • To draw in and keep ICT businesses in order to encourage entrepreneurship and the development of digital employment by creating an environment that allows these businesses to flourish and speed up economic growth.
  • To support company incubation and ICT research and development initiatives for digital innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • To work in collaboration with the private sector to deliver pertinent technological solutions to various economic sectors.

Companies That Operate From The Accra Digital Centre

Below are some of the companies that operate from the Accra Digital Centre;

Ghana Tech Lab

This firm is an inventive centre that aims to turn attractive indigenous ideas into profitable enterprises through technology-focused skills training. Also, they provide digital solutions for individuals and businesses who may want their services.

Among other things, they work with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, and Cybersecurity.

You can contact them at +233 548 983 036

Ghana Tech Lab email: [email protected]

Dalex Finance

Loans and investments are the focus of Dalex Finance, a financial company owned entirely by Ghanaians. However, Dalex Finance is well known for its personal and business loans, which are frequently made to employees of the government or of respectable enterprises.

You can contact them on 0244 333 411 0r 0242 439 584 or 02422 435 650

Dalex Finance email: [email protected]

Ghana Innovation Hub

Business development and investment match-making organization called the Ghana Innovation Hub offers people and businesses actual workspace for either short- or long-term use. Additionally, the Ghana Innovation Hub provides space for the development of ideas and connects those with the potential to succeed with those that have investment opportunities.

You can contact them on 0556959376

Slamm Technologies

IT firm Slamm Technologies, with offices in Ghana and the United States, provides training, employment placement, and assistance for anyone with an interest in IT.

They offer courses in programming, cyber security, business IT solutions, and software development. Additionally, their courses are certified globally and have a worldwide reputation.

You contact them on 05713798933

Slamm Technologies email: [email protected]


A platform for impact investing called InnoHub Ghana assists small businesses with high growth rates and the potential to have a greater social impact in becoming investment-ready, sustainable, and scalable in order to boost profitability and societal impact.

You can contact them on 0312297951

InnoHub email: [email protected]


The Accra Digital Centre is the ideal location for organizations seeking a welcoming and technologically advanced working environment for small teams or large teams. We have shown their main objectives in this article.

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