5 Things You Can Do With Your Google Calendar 2022

By | August 10, 2022

These are some of the 5 Things You Can Do With Google Calendar today in the era of pandemic coronavirus.

Google Calendar has always be a free time management that helps us not to forget certain things.

Google in developing this application service, Google Calendar, is there to help us not to forget our everyday activities that helps us schedule our activities.

What Is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is just the saviour for those who can easily forget that they will be attending certain important meeting — and the Calendar service helps you keep track of your events.
You are free to share your calendar with others.

In today’s post, I will walk you through some of the 5 things your Google Calendar can do for you.

5 Things You Can Do With Google Calendar

These are the 5 Things You Can Do With Google Calendar easily today from ICT Catalogue.

Get Reminders

Just like the way you had that very old Casio watch that keeps ringing with alarm indication that you have to do a particular thing at that moment, the Google Calendar too is here.

There’s no way you should worry yourself to check as the Calendar will do send you reminders regularly for you to confirm.


Imagine not having a Google Calendar but having only offline calendar. How can you search for the date of that particular event?

This will tell you to get Google Calendar as you can search for date for events using the search bar found on the Calendar app.

SMS Support

There’s no way an even can skip you if your rely on the SMS Support of Google Calendar. The Google Calendar has SMS Support feature that will send you updates on events that are being set personally by you.

Thanks to Google as we can now schedule the dates of our events.

Video Call

To make a video call in Google Calendar, you can make this happen here; Add > Event > Video Call to start that Video call.

There are varieties of Video conferencing apps of which some are Zoom and Google Meet App for Video Conferencing, Google Calendar also has a feature you can use to make Video call.

Offline Support

Despite using most of Google’s products online, the Google Calendar is also app that can be used offline. The Google calendar is one of the apps you can use without internet connection.

Mistakes are not meant to be repeated, as you can make use of Google Calendar for scheduling all your activities before the due time.

Today, we are glad to keep you updated about the 5 Things You Can Do With Your Google Calendar in 2022.

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