10 Best Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online

By | March 10, 2023

If your goal is to watch movies for free, then you should probably try these free movie apps that help you to watch movies online for free. You do not need to pay anything to watch movies online anymore.

Watching movies online has become very expensive over time. Even though you need to pay for an internet connection to watch these movies, you still have to pay an extra subscription on most platforms to watch movies.

Fortunately, there are some platforms these days that do not charge anything. Some might charge something as a subscription fee but you have the option to watch movies for free with limitations.

10 Best Free Movie Apps

After testing several apps, these are the top 10 of them that I could say were useful. Note that this list is not arranged in any special order. I am only writing about these apps in a very random order.

1. Popcornflix

free movie apps - popcornflix
credit: Microsoft-store

If you want a Netflix alternative that is completely free, then this is the best app you should try out.

Popcornflix is a free-to-stream movies app that has been around since 2011. It is also a product of Screen Media Ventures LLC.

The platform has lots of movies from all genres. It is arguably one of the best free streaming platforms available right now. There are filters that you can use to help sort the movies according to your preference. It also has a very user-friendly interface to help you get around the platform more quickly.

You can learn more about this platform from the official website.

2. Tubi

best free iptv apps - Tubi

If you have been following, you will realize Tubi featured in my earlier articles as one of the best free IPTV apps. Tubi is not only good at giving you a quality IPTV experience but also features as one of the best free movie apps available right now.

This is a Fox Corporation product and has been around since 2014 so you can consider it to be very legal. The platform has all genres of movies and gives you even more filters so you can find what you are looking for.

It is completely free. You do not have to pay anything to get access to the thousands of movies available on the platform.

You can visit tubitv.com to start your streaming journey.

3. Crunchyroll

10 Best Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online - crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a Sony Group Corporation product that specializes in Japanese anime streaming. The platform gives both free and premium access to popular Japanese anime series.

Since I am an anime fanatic, this happens to be one of my all-time favorite platforms. The only issue you will get is the fact that there is a bit of a delay in releases if you are using the free version of the platform. If you are on the premium package, you get to stream the series in just a few minutes to an hour after the official release in Japan.

The free platform also takes ad breaks which means you will have to watch a few ads before completing a single episode. It is not too much price to pay to stream premium anime series for free tho.

You visit Crunchyroll’s official website to start your free streaming journey

4. Vudu

free movie apps - Vudu

Vudu is a movie store that also rents individual movies for online streaming. Since we have it on the list of free movie apps, it indicates that there is a way you can actually watch movies on this platform for free.

Vudu lets you stream free movies with ad breaks. If you are someone who is not concerned much about watching ads, then you can use this platform to watch thousands of movies for free. In fact, taking ad breaks is a little price to pay to stream premium movies for free.

You can visit the Vudu website to start your free streaming journey.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto tv

Pluto TV is one of the apps that made its way to my best free IPTV apps earlier. It is one of the leading apps if you want free IPTV. But free IPTV is not the only thing that this platform offers.

The platform has a library of movie collections that you can stream for free. There are filters in place to help you filter out what you don’t want to see easily. This app has a premium version that you can subscribe to.

You can visit the Pluto TV official website to start your streaming journey.

6. Crackle


Crackle is one of the oldest free movie apps available. You might not know this but this movie app dates as far back as 2004. It is a Sony Pictures company so you can trust that everything there is legal.

If you are someone who loves classic movies, then you can try this platform. There are lots of classic movies here. You will also find some amazing documentaries here as well. There are filters in place to help you narrow down exactly what you want.

It is believed by many that this particular app is the best movie app. But I see it as one of the best since there are other apps that offer similar or the same service.

You can visit the official Crackle website to start your streaming journey.

7. Filmzie

10 Best Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online - filmzie

Filmzie is one of the best apps that has a library of classic Box Office hits. You can stream the movies available on this platform for free without any hitches.

There are filters in place to help you filter out what you do not want. The movies look really great if you are watching from the mobile app. The platform has a friendly user interface so you can easily find your way around the platform.

Visit the official website for more.

8. Plex

10 Best Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online - Plex

Plex is one of the best streaming platforms. The platform does not only give you access to free movies but also helps you to stream live TV events. All these can be done in a single app which makes it very convenient.

There are filters on Plex to help you filter the movies you want. All streaming on the platform is completely free but you will need an account to start watching. If you want more, you can upgrade to Plex Pass for $4.99 per month.

You can visit the official website to start your streaming journey.

9. Rukaten Viki

10 Best Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online - Rukaten viki

This is one app you should give attention to if you really want to stream Asian movies for free. In fact, this app is one of my all-time favorites apps. I prefer to watch lengthy Asian series with subtitles and this app just does that better.

You have all the filters in place to filter for something better even if you do not know what to watch. There is also an app for almost all the major operating systems we have.

You can visit the official Viki website to start your streaming journey.

10. The Roku Channel

10 Best Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online - therokuchannel

Roku is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to streaming. There is a sub-platform known as the Roku Channel which offers free movie streaming services. The platform has one of the largest collections of movies with more added every time.

To get to this platform, you can quickly simply go to therokuchannel.roku.com. There is also a mobile app that will help you to stream from this app. All you need is to create a free account to start streaming.


These are some of the best free movie apps that you can use if your goal is to stream movies for free. Some of these apps do have premium packages that you can subscribe to if you want to enjoy more of their features. The list is not in any specific order so you can just select any of the apps and try it out. You will eventually find the one that really works well for you.

Disclaimer: ictcatalogue.com is not affiliated with any of the platforms listed on this page. All services offered by this platform are the sole responsibility of the companies behind these platforms. This article is meant for educational purposes only and must be treated as such.

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