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By | July 14, 2023

Welcome to my WP Undercover Review. I’m Tony, and I specialize in providing honest and insightful reviews of digital products on my website, tony-review.com. In addition, I offer exclusive bonuses for products that I genuinely believe in and stand behind.

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Today, our focus is on WP Undercover, an exceptional product that we will thoroughly examine. My objective is to provide you with valuable information to help you make an informed decision.

WP Undercover is a WordPress plugin that focuses on improving the security of your WordPress website. Its primary feature is the ability to change the default login page URL, making it harder for hackers to find and target your login page.

By using WP Undercover, you can create a custom login page URL that is unique and difficult to guess. This adds an extra layer of security to your website, as potential attackers won’t easily locate the login page.

In addition to changing the login page URL, WP Undercover offers other security features. It can redirect unauthorized login attempts, helping to prevent unauthorized access. It also includes tools to block certain actions, such as preventing right-clicking to save images, disabling text selection, and preventing dragging of images from your website.

The plugin is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. It’s lightweight and easy to install, providing a simple yet effective solution to enhance the security of your WordPress site.



WP Undercover offers several key features and benefits to enhance the security and protection of your WordPress website. Here are some of the offerings:

♦ Custom Login Page URL: WP Undercover allows you to change the default login page URL of your WordPress site. By creating a unique and difficult-to-guess URL, you add an extra layer of security, making it harder for hackers to locate and target your login page.

Increased Security: By changing the login page URL, WP Undercover helps protect your website from unauthorized access and potential security breaches. It reduces the risk of brute-force attacks and other login-related vulnerabilities by making it more challenging for hackers to find your login page.

Unauthorized Login Redirection: WP Undercover enables you to redirect unauthorized login attempts to a specified page. You can choose to redirect them to your web homepage, a custom page, or a “404 Not Found” page. This feature helps prevent unauthorized access and discourages potential attackers.

Additional Security Tools: WP Undercover provides extra security tools to enhance your website’s protection. These include options to prevent right-clicking to save images, disable text selection, and prevent dragging of images from your site. These features help deter content theft and unauthorized use of your website’s assets.

Backup Recovery Link: When you create a custom login address with WP Undercover, it generates a backup recovery link for your admin login page. This link serves as a backup if you ever forget your secret admin login details, allowing you to access the login page and regain control of your site.

Lightweight and User-Friendly: WP Undercover is designed to be lightweight and user-friendly. It can be easily installed and activated without requiring any coding knowledge. The plugin integrates seamlessly into your WordPress dashboard, making it convenient to configure and manage.



As a beta tester for WP Undercover, I highly recommend this product as a worthwhile investment. Here are several compelling reasons to consider purchasing it:

⇒ Enhanced Security: WP Undercover significantly improves the security of your WordPress website by allowing you to change the default login page URL. This simple yet powerful measure adds an extra layer of protection, making it harder for hackers to target and compromise your site.

Deter Unauthorized Access: By using a custom login page URL created with WP Undercover, you can effectively deter unauthorized access attempts. Hackers who rely on common login page URLs will be thwarted, reducing the risk of brute-force attacks and unauthorized entry.

Easy Implementation: WP Undercover offers a user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. You don’t need advanced technical skills or coding knowledge to configure and use the plugin effectively. It provides a hassle-free experience, even for those new to WordPress security.

Resource Optimization: With WP Undercover’s ability to redirect unauthorized login attempts and block unnecessary bot traffic, your server resources will be better utilized. This optimization helps improve the performance and speed of your website, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Backup Recovery Link: WP Undercover generates a backup recovery link for your admin login page, providing a safety net in case you forget your secret admin login details. This feature offers peace of mind, knowing that you can regain access to your site if needed.

Cost-Effective Solution: WP Undercover offers excellent value for its price. With the early bird invitation available at $10.99 (compared to the regular price of $97), you gain a robust security plugin at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the 30-day money-back guarantee ensures a risk-free purchase.

Versatile Application: WP Undercover is suitable for various WordPress users, including bloggers, business owners, and developers. Whether you manage a single website or multiple sites, WP Undercover’s flexibility and unlimited domains package make it a valuable security solution for all.



Take advantage of the special early bird price of just $10.99 for WP Undercover! This is an incredible deal you don’t want to miss. With the added benefit of a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can purchase WP Undercover with complete confidence. By investing in WP Undercover now, you’ll be able to enhance the security of your WordPress website right away. Don’t wait any longer! Act quickly to secure this fantastic offer and protect your website from potential threats. The sooner you invest in WP Undercover, the sooner you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your WordPress site is secure.


OTO 1: WP Undercover Unlimited ($19.98)
OTO 2: WP Undercover Premium Pro Upgrade ($46.99)
OTO 3: WP Undercover Agency Developer Bundle ($297)


  • Website Owners: If you own a WordPress website, regardless of whether it’s a personal blog, business website, or e-commerce store, investing in WP Undercover is highly recommended. Protecting your website from potential security threats is crucial, and WP Undercover offers an effective solution to enhance the security of your WordPress site.
  • Bloggers: Bloggers who rely on WordPress as their blogging platform can greatly benefit from WP Undercover. As your blog grows in popularity, it becomes more susceptible to hacking attempts. WP Undercover helps safeguard your blog by making it harder for hackers to find and access your login page.
  • Small Business Owners: For small business owners who manage their own WordPress websites, WP Undercover offers an affordable and user-friendly security solution. It allows you to protect your business website, customer data, and online transactions from potential security breaches.
  • Web Developers: Web developers who build and maintain WordPress websites for clients can add value to their services by incorporating WP Undercover into their security measures. It demonstrates a commitment to client website security and provides an added layer of protection for the websites they manage.
  • Website Administrators: If you’re responsible for managing and maintaining multiple WordPress websites, WP Undercover’s unlimited domains package is ideal for you. It allows you to install the plugin on all your websites, ensuring consistent and robust security across your portfolio of sites.

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