How To Withdraw Money From E-zwich In Ghana 2021

By | April 12, 2021

Withdrawing money from an e-zwich account has been one of the easiest thing to do ever – but a lot of people find it difficult to do.

Today, more people working under governmental agencies are using the services of e-zwich and do not know how they can make withdrawal from an e-zwich.

Students taking allowances, students that are receiving money from Loan Trust Fund Scheme all are paid on their e-zwich account.

In today’s article, I will be showing you how to withdraw money from your e-zwich card via any e-zwich authorized agent in Ghana.

Requirements to withdraw money from your E-Zwich

  • A working ezwich account with enough money
  • Your e-zwich card must be linked to your bank
  • ID card; Voter’s ID, Ghana Card, Driver’s License or Passport.

How to withdraw money from e-zwich

  1. Visit any bank (e-zwich agent) or ATM
  2. Request to withdraw funds on your e-zwich card from the teller
  3. Provide your E-zwich card and identification card
  4. The amount will load the desired amount to withdraw
  5. Your fingerprint will be taken
  6. The teller will process your data for cash to be ready
  7. Wait for the teller

Now, your money will be given to you after your data has been successfully processed.
This is how easier it is to withdraw money from your E-Zwich account at any bank (E-zwich agent) or ATM.

You are free to make use of the comment box below for anything you have difficulty in – about how to withdraw your money from your e-zwich card.

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