What is Not a Benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing

By | April 22, 2023

For any business that wants to improve the effectiveness of its online advertising, Google Analytics Remarketing might seem like an ideal solution.

After all, remarketing allows you to target users who have interacted with your website in the past, carrying out specific actions or meeting certain criteria. This makes it easier to promote products or services, increasing the chances of conversion.

However, just like any other tool, Google Analytics Remarketing has limitations and downsides. Though it can be incredibly useful, it’s essential to understand what isn’t a benefit of this tool, to make an informed decision regarding whether to use it or not.

This article will explore what is not a benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing and help you understand its limitations.

1. It Doesn’t Work Without Enough Traffic

One of the most significant downsides of Google Analytics Remarketing is that it requires more traffic to be effective. Simply put, the more visitors you have to your website, the more people you can retarget with ads.

Google recommends a minimum of 1000-5000 visitors to your website each month for effective remarketing. This number may seem small, but if your website isn’t generating this kind of traffic, your remarketing efforts may not provide the desired results.

2. It Can’t Fix Fundamental Issues With Your Website

Another limitation of Google Analytics Remarketing is that it can’t fix fundamental issues with your website. While it can help retarget visitors and increase sales, it won’t compensate for issues such as poor design, UX, or even a slow load time.

If your website doesn’t offer visitors an excellent user experience, no amount of remarketing is going to make them stick around. Therefore, before using remarketing or any other marketing tool, your website needs to be in good condition to better adopt the interests of your visitors and improve their chances of conversion.

3. It Doesn’t Provide Immediate Results

Undoubtedly, Google Analytics Remarketing can prove incredibly effective in the long term. By retargeting visitors who are already familiar with your brand, you can increase conversions and sales.

However, it’s essential to understand that remarketing doesn’t produce immediate or short-term results. If you’re looking for a quick boost in sales or traffic, remarketing may not be the best tool for your immediate needs.

4. It’s Not Appropriate for all Niches

Remarketing is a powerful tool for many niches, but it’s not something that works well for all businesses. Some niches, such as the hospitality industry, have longer sales cycles, so lead times tend to be much longer.

If you’re a small business or startup, it’s vital to identify your niche and understand your target audience’s behavior. Do some research and find out if remarketing is appropriate for your business needs.

5. It Doesn’t Guarantee Conversion Rates

While it’s true that remarketing can help increase conversions, it doesn’t guarantee the rate of conversions. Retargeting can bring people back to your website, but it’s up to your website and marketing to ultimately sell.

If your website isn’t optimized for conversions or there are issues with your marketing strategy, remarketing won’t be of much help.


Google Analytics Remarketing can be an effective tool for many businesses looking to improve their advertising effectiveness. However, it’s essential to understand its limitations so that you can make an informed decision. By considering the above list of what is not a benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing, you can make more informed decisions that will ultimately help you increase conversions, sales, and website traffic.

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