What Is Google Slides And What Is It Used For?

By | April 8, 2023

Google Slides is a web-based presentation software developed by Google. It allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on presentations online. Google Slides is part of the Google Workspace suite of productivity applications and can be accessed through a web browser or mobile app.

Google Slides provides a variety of features that enable users to create visually appealing and engaging presentations. Users can add text, images, videos, charts, graphs, and other media files to their slides. The software also offers a range of templates and themes to help users design their presentations quickly and easily.

Uses Of Google Slides

Below are some of the uses and features of google slides.

collaboration feature

One of the key advantages of Google Slides is its collaboration features. Multiple users can work on the same presentation simultaneously, and changes are saved in real-time. This makes it ideal for remote teams or anyone who needs to collaborate with others on a project. Users can also leave comments and suggestions for each other within the presentation itself, making it easy to provide feedback and make changes as needed.


Accessibility to your presentation is not a concern with Google Slides because it is kept in the cloud, very much like your email.

This implies that even if you left your laptop at home and forgot to bring it, you can indeed access it during the conference without having to run back there.

One of the major difficulties with PowerPoint or Keynote is sending the presentation to the client! But, if you are using Google Slides, this is incredibly simple. A presentation cannot be made in one or two hours. In actuality, putting together a strong presentation might occasionally require several days or even weeks.

If you’re using Google Slides, a link to your file is used to share your presentation. As a result, your email will never longer contain “Delivery Failed” notifications because of the size of your presentation, and you won’t ever need to worry about whether the targeted recipient received it or not.

Cross-Platform Support

The fact that Google Slides is compatible with all popular devices and operating systems is another great benefit. The majority of other popular presentation software, in comparison, is not compatible with all popular hardware and operating systems.

Google Slides may be used offline

There is now an offline functionality available for Google Slides! You might not be able to change, add, or remove slides or save your presentation while you are offline, despite the fact that some of the integrated internet-based elements may not operate.

Google Slides will instantly sync and update the document in your Google Drive as soon as you are back online and your machine is connected to the internet!

Google Slides is used for a wide range of purposes across various industries and professions. Here are some examples:

Education: Teachers and students can use Google Slides to create and deliver presentations in the classroom. Teachers can use it to create lesson plans, while students can use it to present research projects or showcase their learning.

Business: Google Slides is commonly used in business settings for presentations, meetings, and training sessions. Employees can use it to create sales pitches, marketing materials, and internal communications.

Marketing: Marketers can use Google Slides to create engaging visual content, such as infographics and presentations. It can also be used to create pitch decks for potential clients or investors.

Nonprofit organizations: Nonprofits can use Google Slides to create presentations for fundraising events or to educate the public about their mission and impact.

Event planning: Event planners can use Google Slides to create presentations and pitches for potential clients, as well as to create visual aids for events such as weddings, conferences, and trade shows.

Regardless of the industry or purpose, Google Slides provides a user-friendly and versatile platform for creating and delivering presentations. It is accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it a convenient option for remote workers or anyone who needs to access their presentations on-the-go. With its collaboration features and extensive range of design tools, Google Slides is a valuable productivity tool for professionals in virtually any field.

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