Vodafone Unlimited Calls Code

Vodafone offers its customers the opportunity to talk without thinking about whether their call credit is getting exhausted or not.

Vodafone achieved this feat by offering its customers unlimited call bundles and with this bundle, all you need to do is to subscribe and you are good to go.


Well, you might be a Vodafone user, however, you might have little or no idea about this, so in this article, we will be sharing insights about the Vodafone Unlimited Calls bundle together with how you can subscribe to the bundle.

About Vodafone Unlimited Calls

As earlier indicated, once you subscribe to this bundle, you don’t have to worry about call credit at least for as long as the bundle lasts.

Vodafone Unlimited Call Bundles

Below are the available Vodafone unlimited call bundles;

Vodafone Supreme Monthly offer – This bundle gives you unlimited talk time to Vodafone numbers. It is valid for 30 days and all you need to subscribe to this bundle is to have GHC 10. To subscribe to this bundle, just dial *200# and choose option 3.

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Bossu Deewa – When you subscribe to this bundle, you pay just GHC 0.5 and you have 300 minutes to call all networks in Ghana. The offer is valid for 24 hours and if you want to subscribe, dial *5588#.

Bossu Weekend – This offer is valid for two days (Saturday and Sunday) and it goes for GHC 6. The offer gives you 5.18 GB of Data (2.59GB per day) and 100 Mins. Dial *5588# to subscribe.

Other Vodafone Data & Calls Bundles

Vodafone Bossu Daily Offer – This bundle costs GHS2.15 and includes 104MB of data and 60 minutes (to all local networks). This offer is only valid for the next 24 hours.

Vodafone Red 2(No Expiry) – This goes for GHC 2 and you get 30 minutes to call all networks, 100MBdata, and 50 SMS.

Vodafone Red 5 – This offer is valid for seven days and it goes for GHC 5. With this bundle, you get 160 minutes to call all local networks, 250MB of Data, and 100 SMS.

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Red 5(No Expiry) – This has no expiry date and for GHC 5, you get 80 minutes to call all networks, 250MB of data, and 50 SMS.

Vodafone Red 20 – This bundle gives you 2800 minutes to call Vodafone numbers, 150 minutes to call all local networks, 700 MB of Data, and 100 SMS. The amount involved is GHC 20.

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