Universities offering sound engineering in Ghana

Universities offering sound engineering in Ghana

Do you have that dream of becoming a sound engineer? Do you have the skills as a sound engineer and look forward to furthering it, worry no more, ICTCatalogue with our research has done very massive work to select the best Universities you can have a degree in sound engineering in Ghana.

The list is shown below

Holex Sound Engineering Institute, Ghana

This institute actually trains candidates to become professional and certified sound engineers and music producers. It is an excellent avenue for those looking to go down the job route and earn essential training to become a creative venue technician or any other course they are interested in. The institute helps in building up the skills and knowledge that the music industry is actually looking for.

Insite Media College

When it comes to the audio engineering category, this college seems to be the best in Ghana; they equip students with professional skills. The institution possesses experienced lecturers with extraordinary expertise to challenge students and bring the best out of them.

Royal Media College Ghana

This is one of Ghana Education Services’ recognized journalism schools. Their main aim is to advance a robust and autonomous free press. It offers various educational modules using advanced teaching systems to impart the required knowledge to students.

P&C Media College

This training center has the best sound engineering courses in Ghana, they are specialized with the best radio, audio television, and print media journalism based in Kumasi. According to them, even if you lack any formal training, they will help you attain professional experience and audio skills through extensive job experience.

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