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Uber Technologies Inc. is a transnational online transportation network headquartered in the United States. Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp established it.

It has transformed the taxicab industry by launching the Uber mobile app, which allows smartphone users to make a trip request, which is then directed to Uber drivers who drive their own automobiles.

The customer service staff at Uber doesn’t have you wait on hold for hours while listening to the same tunes. In order to ensure that passengers can receive the assistance they require, regardless of the circumstance, they utilize a number of efficient, user-friendly support services.

In this article, we will show you the Uber customer service contact. Also, we will show you how to contact Uber and so many more.

What are the Uber Phone Contacts?

Main: 866 – 576 – 1039

Customer Service: 800 – 593 – 7069

Calling Uber’s Critical Safety Response Line at (800) 285-6172 is the best course of action if anything terrible happens (such as an accident) and you need to speak with them right away.

Do not use this Uber phone number for anything else; it should only be used in case of an emergency, such as an accident or a significant security or safety concern. The individuals manning this Uber support phone line will not provide you with standard customer assistance.

Customer Service Resources

In order to contact Uber, use their app or go to their Help website at https://help.uber.com/. Uber advises you to visit their support center first in order to address your problem as effectively as possible. Please give the support staff up to 24 hours to respond.

How Can I Contact Uber?

  • Contact Your Uber Driver

It’s simple to phone your Uber driver using the Uber app if you want to talk about the specifics of a journey, the location of the pickup, or a misplaced item. If you’ve just requested a ride, you may press the bar at the bottom of the screen that contains your driver’s information and choose “Contact.” You can go to the “Your Trips” area, choose the right ride, and then pick “I lost an item” to contact your driver if you need to report a lost item after a journey.

They don’t display drivers’ phone numbers directly because they want to respect their right to privacy on their platform, but the app will connect you with them. Keep in mind that when driving, some drivers may not be able to answer their phones; thus, you may always choose to send a text message for them to reply to.

  • Sort it with in-app Support

In your application’s ‘Help’ area, where you may discover information and solutions to a variety of rider-related questions, there is a contact form for Uber. You can handle anything there, whether you need to report a problem with your ride, confirm a payment issue, or modify your payment choices.

Additionally, Uber’s in-app help section provides guidance on a variety of rider-related subjects. For example, it explains how to locate a lost item because we’ve all got a buddy who frequently forgets their wallet or phone after a ride. Perhaps you have a query about using Uber to go to and from the airport or about setting up an Uber account for your company.

Even so, you might be interested in learning how tipping for Uber drivers works. The support section of the program has all the solutions to these.

  • Online Assistance

On the internet, assistance is also accessible. With specific sections for both drivers and passengers, the online Uber support section offers instructions and data on a range of subjects. Simply select the category that corresponds to your problem or enter a phrase to search for a support page. Additionally, the Uber website provides a variety of user guides that describe the operation of the app and all of its useful features.

You may also utilize the website to get in touch with your driver for a lost item if you accidentally left your phone or any other thing behind in a journey with a driver.

Simply log into your account and go to the assistance area, then choose “Trip difficulties and refunds”.

As a result, you are aware of the person to contact if you have any urgent inquiries regarding our service or need to fix a problem. Whether it’s through the app or the website, help is always available with Uber.

  • Through Social Media

Uber is frequently contacted through social media. Whatever your problem, you may contact Uber’s general support team on Twitter at @ubersupport. You may direct message them and, during regular business hours, you should hear back very fast.

Additionally, you may publicly publicize your complaint on Twitter and Uber in a tweet, but this doesn’t result in a quicker response time; rather, it merely makes your complaint more widely known.

Sending a brief note to Uber Support through direct messaging during business hours can help you have your problem handled fast.

They can fix the problem more quickly if they don’t have to keep track of many notifications about the same problem. The Twitter account will direct you to t.uber.com/lost if you’re texting Uber about something you left behind in your Uber ridesharing vehicle.

The Twitter account retains the link and instructions in the bio because this problem is so frequent. Uber Support is also accessible via Facebook messages.

You may privately message a live chat participant on Facebook instead of publishing something publicly. Facebook monitors the speed at which businesses respond to inquiries, which motivates them to do so.


Depending on the severity of your problem and the best method for reaching Uber Support. Issues relating to security and safety should be handled right away via the crisis line.

If feasible, come up during a local office’s open hours to get complex issues fixed as soon as possible. For straightforward, non-urgent questions, both help.uber.com and the Uber app are excellent resources. Social networking is also useful for quick and straightforward inquiries.

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