Top Puzzle Apps And Sites Every Crossword Lover Needs To Know

Do you eagerly anticipate completing a crossword puzzle each day? If you’re looking for the top crossword-related apps, you’ve come to the correct place.

Browse through these recommendations if you’re ready to give some of the top crossword apps a try.

Top Puzzle Apps And Sites Every Crossword Lover Needs To Know

Below are some of the top puzzle apps and sites ever crossword lover needs to know.

Crossword Unlimited

Crossword Unlimited Naturally, a wide range of languages are used to play numerous popular games. Consider Crossword Unlimited by Havos Word Games if you consider yourself to be multilingual. To begin with, every game in the app is automatically generated, meaning there’s always a fresh puzzle to solve. Choose your grid’s size, degree of difficulty, and more.

Try solving crossword puzzles in other languages besides English, such as French, German, Spanish. Play a lot of games in one go, save games for subsequent play, and pan around for a better perspective. From the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS, get this free crossword puzzle app.

Crossword Solver

The standard file format for a crossword puzzle in digital form is PUZ. One of the best Android apps for supporting these files is Alphacross, and iOS users greatly praise Across Lite. Crossword Solver is a fantastic free software for desktop users.

Upload the PUZ file that you downloaded from a website like The Crossword Fiend into the software. The entire puzzle’s format will be preserved, including functions like selecting a number to reveal the accompanying hint or vice versa. When compared to PDFs, these programs greatly improve the puzzle-playing sensation on screens.

Also, the apps enable automatic downloads from well-known crossword sites. Typically, you need to be a subscriber to access the NYT crossword. After getting accustomed to the programs, you may begin looking online for unique puzzles created by crossword lovers.

 Crossword Heaven (Web) and Crossword Clue Solver (Android, iOS)

Crossword Heaven includes a bit more information than only the English language, in contrast to many dictionary-based apps. It is able to decipher clues that draw on common knowledge, trivia, or modern culture because it is familiar with some proper nouns and other helpful information.

Only available online, Crossword Paradise lacks a mobile-friendly interface. Yet Crossword Clue Solver’s offline app contains over 400,000 words if you need a quick answer while you’re on the go.

Although the search tool functions similarly to Crossword Heaven’s, it is less effective at deciphering clues. As the majority of the questions are dictionary-based, general knowledge and questions about popular culture won’t be appropriate. Nonetheless, after a few tries with various permutations and combinations, you ought to discover the solution.

 The Big Crossword 

 The Big Crossword  Do you genuinely believe you can complete it all? How quickly can you actually complete it?

This mega-puzzle was created by Teazel, the creators of a few popular crossword apps, for fans of word games. You can zoom in on any location by tapping it. Touch a number to view the answer by tapping it. While the most of these are simple to figure out, there are 140 perplexing clues as well. There is a “quest” mode in addition to the well-known “traditional” mode.

Crossword puzzles are approached in an interesting and novel way in adventure mode, where clues are arranged according to categories. Spending in-game points—which you acquire by playing the game frequently, through watching advertisements, or by making in-app purchases—is required to unlock categories.


The classic game is offered in a novel way by CodyCross. The horizontal words in CodyCross responses are all the same length because there are no spaces between the responses. They line up so that one of the columns creates a riddle. You acquire free letters to assist with the other hints as you answer horizontal clues.

Take a trip with an amiable extraterrestrial protagonist through several themed worlds and genres. Obtain power-ups to assist you when you get stuck and additionally win daily prizes. For further content, there is also an optional membership. Both Apple iOS and Android devices can use CodyCross.

Shortyz Crosswords

  Shortyz Crosswords is a well-liked option that comes up regularly in conversation.   Whatever else, it approaches the traditional crossword problem in a manner that is distinctly plain and direct. When you tap on a spot in the puzzle, the clue will appear at the top and the letter squares in the grid will be highlighted.

The fact that Shortyz offers free puzzles from prestigious periodicals all throughout the nation makes it such an appealing choice. 

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