Top 5 Apps That Can Transform Yourself Into A Cartoon

By | June 8, 2021

Moments of beautification with our smartphones are what everyone loves — and technology has taken this to another level afar.

Today, due to the presence of social media, this has caused people to change and transform their photos into cartoon before uploading to their social media profiles — be it updating their status, timeline or updating profile picture.

People with the skill in Graphic Designing and able to use Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop for graphic design are able to transform photos into cartoons at ease.

Today, due to the rapid advancement of technology, you can transform your photos into cartoons simply by using your smartphone — either Android or iOS device with a mobile application.

In our today’s article, I would like to guide you through the Top 5 Apps That Can Transform Yourself Into A Cartoon.

These are the Top 5 Apps That Can Transform Yourself Into A Cartoon for you below. Most times, you have to spend more money or lend money for app — but these ones come in cheaper prices.


We only correspond the word ‘Macho’ to bodybuilding anytime we hear this. This mobile app is much concerned about that as well.

Macho works as a man makeover app & Photo Editor for men with interesting men photo editor, beard & hair styles.

Macho mobile app is free to download and gives you tons of stickers and filters to use on your smartphone today.

You are free to download Macho App on your Android or iOS device today.

Face Q

This is another interesting mobile application for transforming photos into cartoons easily. Whether you are a tech savvy or not, you can still use this mobile app to design a cartoon image from your smartphone by turning your face to a perfect cartoon image.

Face Q has its user guide for anyone to learn more about how to use the app within some minutes.

If you are an Android user or iOS device user, you can download and make use of this mobile app to create your cartoons in 2021.


We all have heard the term ‘Paint’ before in our lives. From painting our homes, painting our shops, painting our environments and using paint to spray our cars also comes in.

Painnt here is an application for designing and editing photos on your smartphone and turning normal photos into cartoon with interesting avatar included.

The Painnt is available for both Android and iOS smartphone users out there.

Clip To Comic And Caricature Maker

With Clip To Comic And Caricature Maker, there is no stress involved in designing a cartoon image from your photos at all. Clip To Comic And Caricature Maker helps you to use your photos and videos to create any cartoon image you want.

For your interest in caricuture, you can make this simple by using the deformation tool available in the app.

Clip To Comic And Caricature Maker is free to download and you can download unto your Android or iOS smartphone today.

Toon Camera

Toon Camera is the phone camera that is designed for designing and creating cartoon images on your smartphone.

This app allows you to either use your already existing photos or take new photos with your phone’s camera for customization into cartoons.

There are more tools and filters available in ToonCamera to help you create your cartoon images with an ease process.

With Toon Camera, you can get it at a cost of $1.99 and works only on Apple iPhones running on iOS 8.1 and above.

Technology has given us so many options for beatification and here are the Top 5 Apps That Can Transform Yourself Into A Cartoon.

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