Top 4 Wordle Jr Unlimited Tricks You Must Know

The Wordle Jr Unlimited is a wordle game for kids. I have a few tricks that help make winning the game easier and also improve the learning process.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will realize that I wrote an article earlier about Junior wordle games for children. I also indicated that these games are not going to be for only entertainment purposes but will also help the child learn new things.


Sometimes the game might seem a little bit difficult for children. But what if there is a new door to help them learn something new that will help them solve their wordle games?

I have compiled a few tricks that will help junior wordle players learn and solve their wordle games at the same time.

Top Wordle Jr Unlimited Tricks

These tricks are not the easy way out of logical thinking and application. In fact, applying these tricks will help the user learn more than just solving the wordle game.

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There are so many learning avenues available to children and we will be relying on some of these avenues to solve the wordle games.

1. Use Wordle Jr unlimited color clues

The very first and most important trick is to rely on the colors in the game. The game gives your some colors as you play. These colors are supposed to guide you on what to play next.

If you see green, it means the letter that has green can be found in the mystery word and is in the right position as well. This also means that you should not change the letter or position of that letter in your next guesses.

If you see yellow, it means the letter is in the mystery word but it is not in the right position as it is in the mystery word. This also means you should change the position of that letter in your next guesses.

The gray color means those letters are not part of the mystery word. You have to avoid using them in your next guess as much as possible.

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2. Use the dictionary

Most people do not believe that you can use the dictionary to solve wordles. But the truth is every word you know is in the dictionary so you can actually work wordle games with it.

For you to be able to find the word, you must first make sure you find your first two letters of the wordle game. If your first two letters turn green in the wordle game, you can open the dictionary to where those letters start and try the words there.

All you have to do is to make sure that your wordle is four letters long, you should try only the four-letter words.

Using the dictionary will not only help you solve the wordle but also expose you to some new words.

3. Use Google

One of the major platforms you can use to solve your wordle games is Google. To solve wordle using Google, you must first find the beginning or ending letter. If you are able to find both, it will be very good and make your search easier.

All you have to do is go to Google. Assuming your letter starts with “T” and ends with “G” and is five letters long. Type it into Google following this pattern; “Five-letter word that starts with T and ends with G“. From the results, look for the words that you think are best to match the mystery word.

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4. You can use wordle solver too

Top 3 Wordle Jr Unlimited Tricks You Must Know

One of the wordle solvers you can use is It will not give you a straightforward answer, rather, it will give a list of suggestions you can try.

This will not only help you solve your wordle game but also expose you to other new words that you probably didn’t know about.

To use a wordle solver, you will first have to solve the wordle at least getting the first letter or the last letter correct.

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