Top 10 Best Sites To Get Free Ebooks

There are many many sites to get free ebooks. Here are the best ones out of the many that we have available. These sites are curated to help you get what you want quickly.

Books are assets and when they are converted into a digital format known as ebooks, they are still bound by copyright laws. In most cases, you will have to purchase them before you can read.

There are websites that offer free ebooks to help you read these books without paying a dime. While this might sound a bit illegal, most of these sites are fully legal sites and operates in accordance with copyright laws.

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10 Best Sites To Get Free Ebooks

There are many websites where you can get free ebooks to read but here are the top 10 best. This list was curated after checking over fifty websites. Some of these sites do offer premium features but others are completely free.

In the same way, some of these sites operate in accordance with copyright laws but others upload premium ebooks for free regardless of copyright laws.

Disclaimer: does not host any copyrighted material on its server for download. We do not condone the distribution of pirated materials. This article was only written for educational purposes and must be treated as such.

1. Amazon Kindle

Top 10 Best Sites To Get Free Ebooks - Amazon kindle

Amazon Kindle is an Amazon platform that offers all types of ebooks. These ebooks are uploaded directly by the publishers so there are no legal issues with them.

Even though some of the ebooks that are available on Amazon Kindle are for sale, the majority of the books are completely free to read.

The amazing thing about this platform is the fact that everything you read here is saved into your Amazon account. If you move to a new device you do not have to remember which books you downloaded and which pages you read. All you have to do is to log into the account and the system will set everything as it was on your old device.

To access this platform, simply visit the Amazon Official website and select “Kindle Store” from the search options and search for the book you want. You can also download the Kindle app onto your device.

2. OverDrive

OverDrive is one of the very legal online libraries with the largest collection of ebooks. This particular platform serves as both an online library and a streaming platform at the same time.

In collaboration with Kanopy a free movie app, you can watch movies online for free. There are also audiobooks that you can stream directly from the OverDrive platform. All reading and downloads are done in the platform’s mobile app known as “Libby”.

Apart from reading online, you can also use this platform to locate physical libraries where you can go to get a hardcover book.

Visit the official OverDrive website for more.

3. Project Gutenberg

Top 10 Best Sites To Get Free Ebooks - Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has been one of the oldest online libraries. The aim of this library is to digitize as many books and research papers as early as possible.

This library has over sixty thousand ebooks that you can download and read for free. The library doesn’t change any premium membership. However, there is a donation button that users can use to donate to help the growth of the project. has everything you need to know about Project Gutenberg. You can also visit the official Project Gutenberg website to start downloading your books.

4. Open Library

Top 10 Best Sites To Get Free Ebooks - Open Library

Open Library is a nonprofit project that aims at digitizing as many books as possible. The library has one of the largest collections of books and gives you amazing filters to help you find what you are looking for.

The books are well categorized and you can even search using the barcode of the original book. This platform is accessible on mobile devices. You will have to create an account to keep track of what you are reading.

Visit the official Open Library website to start looking for your book.

5. Library Genesis

Library Genesis or LibGen as it is easily called is a shadow library. By shadow library, it means it operates regardless of copyright. The aim of this library is to digitize as many books as possible in the shadows.

This platform has lots of books in its online library collections. There are some major premium books that you can get from this library. Some countries and ISPs have blacklisted this particular library due to the fact that it doesn’t operate in accordance with copyright regulations.

Due to legal issues, this online library does not have one website address. It uses proxy protocols to access its servers changing addresses often to avoid being taken down. You can check the list of Library Genesis mirror sites you can use to access the platform.

6. Z-Library

Top 10 Best Sites To Get Free Ebooks - Z library

Z Library is regarded as one of the largest shadow libraries currently. According to the history of this shadow library, it emerged from Library Genesis as a mirror site. As it stands, the site has gradually increased its library database. As of the time of this article, the library has a collection of over 22 million ebooks and over 84 million articles.

The library uses a peer-to-peer file-sharing strategy to stock up on ebooks that are both premium and free. Due to the fact that this library operates regardless of copyright laws, most of its domains have been seized by the FBI.

In case you cannot access the website, has 20 Z library alternatives you can check out.

7. LibriVox

Top 10 Best Sites To Get Free Ebooks - LibriVox

LibriVox is one of the online libraries that prioritizes audiobooks over the usual ebooks we know. The platform offers a collection of public-domain audiobooks. Some of these audiobooks are actually real books that are converted into audiobooks by the people behind this amazing project.

Even though the website is known for its awesome audiobooks, there is the option to choose between reading and listening. You can visit the official LibriVox sites to get free ebooks.

8. Internet Archive

Top 10 Best Sites To Get Free Ebooks - Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a library for almost every digital product you can think of. It is a non-profit project that keeps archives of most digital products and makes them readily available for users to access.

Books are part of the major collections on this website so if you are looking for ebooks to read, then you visit this website. You can visit the official Internet Archive website for more.


Manybooks is one of the simplest ebooks platforms. The interface is very simple and you can find over fifty thousand ebooks to read for free.

There are many categories of books available on this website and you can read them all for free. You can create an account and log into the platform to keep track of what you are reading. Visit the official websites to get the best of free ebooks for your reading pleasure.

10. PDFBooksWorld

This particular platform has a collection of public-domain ebooks that you can download and read. It is ad sponsored platform so you will see ads on the page.

Unlike most of the free ebooks platforms, this platform does not receive consistent updates. You will find a few classic titles here but the collection of books you will find here is limited. If you only want random books, this will be the best platform but if you want a specific book, you might get disappointed searching for it on this platform.

You can visit the official website for more.

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