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By | March 17, 2023

Thumbnail Blaster Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Thumbnail Blaster.

You may have read other reviews of Thumbnail Blaster that didn’t explain what a thumbnail is. But first, tell us what a thumbnail is in this Thumbnail Blaster app. Thumbnail is like a video’s cover image or a slideshow’s preview image. So, now that you know what a thumbnail is, this Thumbnail Blaster app review should be a good time to tell you about Thumbnail Blaster.

Thumbnail Blaster Review – Best Solution For Thumbnail Creation?
Thumbnail Blaster is AI (Artificial Intelligence) software for people who don’t want to spend time learning how to make a professional-looking thumbnail for their YouTube videos. So, Thumbnail Blaster is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that will make a thumbnail for your YouTube videos that will catch people’s attention and increase traffic in a simple, easy, and quick way. This will help you serve YouTube by uploading a lot of videos without having to think about what kind of thumbnail you should make to get a lot of views on your YouTube video.

What Does Thumbnail Blaster Software Do?
Thumbnail blaster is an automated AI program that makes unique thumbnails for your YouTube videos that are high quality, professional, and appealing to visitors. It doesn’t put you at risk of copyright violations or other legal issues that could lead to legal action instead of people watching your YouTube videos. Also, in this Thumbnail Blaster review, it could be said that Thumbnail Blaster software is very easy to use and comes with ready-made tools and templates that will help you get a unique and professional video thumbnail that will help you get a better name and brand for your YouTube video without the risk of copyright infringement or any other hassle that might bother you a lot.

The Thumbnail Blaster app makes it easy to turn a regular photo into a stunning, professional thumbnail that will catch people’s attention. It does this by letting you stop thinking about how to make a unique, stunning, professional thumbnail that will catch people’s attention. I think you got a better idea of what Thumbnail Blaster is from this review than from others.

Thumbnail Blaster has many great modules, but we’ll start by showing you the main one. We’ll show you how to make a thumbnail for your video that looks great.

Your YouTube account must be added to this tool, and we just demonstrated how to do that step.

Choose the video from your account in Step 1;

Step 2: Choose a template by keyword or start from scratch to create your own thumbnail;

If you choose to start from scratch and make your own template, the thumbnail for your existing video will be used by default, and you will have to change it;

There is a search box where you can type your keyword to find the best thumbnail for your video.

Step 3: Choose a template at random and make changes;

Step 4: Your thumbnail is now ready to be published with your video.

Thumbnail Blaster also has the following modules:

1. AI Analyze Image:

This module lets you upload your thumbnail from your computer, use a link to an image or YouTube video, and analyze everything about your thumbnail.

2. Split Test:

This module lets you do split tests for your videos’ two thumbnails.

It means that this software will change the thumbnail and keep track of the statistics for you. It will then choose the thumbnail that did the best.

Just choose your YouTube account and click “Change Thumbnail A, B” to choose thumbnails from your computer and start the split test.

How Does the Thumbnail Blaster App Help?
The following list of Thumbnail Blaster software’s features will help you understand it better:

It is not hard to use like Photoshop and other software on the market.
It has an artificial intelligence feature that can make thumbnails for you without you having to use your intelligence.
It has a “drag and drop” feature that lets you add photos or images quickly to the software so that you can make thumbnails.
It has a lot of different templates that look different from each other. In the software, there are about thirty other templates like that.
There are also built-in design elements in the software that can help you quickly come up with ideas for how to design your thumbnail instead of making your design and getting better at it.
It lets you publish your work or a thumbnail for your YouTube video right from the Thumbnail Blaster software.

Thumbnail Blaster: How to Use It?
If you want to make a video thumbnail with the Thumbnail Blaster demo, you just need to follow these 3 easy steps:

Choose your form.
After you open the software, you can look through the different templates for different niches or topics to find the one that fits your topic, or you can let the software’s artificial intelligence choose for you.

Change and make your template
You can use the Thumbnail Blaster software’s built-in tools and design elements to make your template, and you can also use a drag-and-drop feature to add any custom image you want to make your thumbnail. Alternatively, you can let AI make the template for you.

Put your thumbnail online.
After editing and designing your thumbnail as needed, you can publish it with just one click on the “Publish” button. This will automatically update your YouTube video with the thumbnail you made on Thumbnail Blaster.

What comes with Thumbnail Blaster?
This software has all the tools you need to make unique thumbnails that will help you get more traffic and views on your videos. It has three important steps that will help you get around in the thumbnail blaster. Some of the thumbnails are;

Pick one of the templates This software has all the tools you need to help you choose a template with a single click. The technology in this system is so advanced that it can automatically choose the best template for you. It also has AI that watches how you use it and gives you advice when it’s needed. In this section, you’ll find great tools that will help you give your users a great experience. It also has great templates for many different types of websites. The maker is sure that its tools will make it easier to choose the templates you want.

Click, change, and personalize
This program has all the tools you need to change each template to fit your needs. The AI it uses can help you make changes to the templates. For you to install this app, you don’t need any special hardware. This program has tools that make it easy to change the size and style of text and fonts.

Write and get reads
With just the click of a button, you can use these important tools in this program to upload thumbnails to your social media platform.

Publish is the name of the tool button that will make it easier to upload thumbnails. It also has a lot of tools that will help you get more views, visitors, and exposure. It also lets you download the thumbnail as a.jpg file, which is important, so you can use it whenever you want.

This program will help you make thumbnails that are the best in the world. This program has easy-to-follow instructions that will show you how to design thumbnails. It will help you improve your creativity in a big way. With this system’s tools, you can make great professional thumbnails in a matter of seconds. This great program will save you hundreds of dollars that you would have spent learning Photoshop and other complicated design tools. It also has the basic tools you need to make thumbnails for any style of video. The powerful Point and click interface makes it easy to do everything in this software.

The person who made this program made sure that anyone who wants to make world-class thumbnails can use it easily and quickly. The system has all the important resources you need to understand it better and use its tools, including a user manual. This program has important features that will help you make thumbnails that look good. Among them are:

Make as many thumbnails as you want.
30 templates for thumbnails
AI Engine to Make the Templates Unique
Total editing and customization with a drag-and-drop editor Module for Freedom Split-Testing
A great collection of Graphics objects
Compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and any other video platform
Updates and help are free.

Thumbnail Blaster Cost and Deals
This may be the most important part of this Thumbnail Blaster review, since you may have come here to find out how much Thumbnail Blaster costs so that you can compare it to the prices of other similar products before deciding to buy it. So, the software usually costs 97 dollars. In some other reviews of Thumbnail Blaster, you might not have seen the information about how to save money on the software’s regular price. But if you read this, you can get the Thumbnail Blaster app for 37 dollars instead of 97 dollars by using the “Blaster37” coupon code. This is a discount of 60 dollars off the normal price of 97 dollars for the software. Thumbnail Blaster is not a software that you have to pay for every month. It’s a one-time payment program that you can use for as long as you want. You only have to pay once, not over and over again, until the offer period ends, after which you have to pay 97/47 dollars each month, just like with a Thumbnail Bblaster membership.

Is it worth it to try Thumbnail Blaster?
Thumbnail Blaster doesn’t seem to be a scam because it’s licensed software and people who have bought it from the company have said good things about it. Also, the people who make the software are well-known and trusted in the fields of digital marketing and programming. So, you could say that the software is not a scam. Instead, it comes from a trusted company and was made by trusted and experienced people. The company or software provider also offers a 30-day or 60-day money-back guarantee, which protects your transaction.

So, you could say that the Thumbnail Blaster app is not a scam that takes your money and leaves you disappointed. Instead, it is a real piece of software that tries hard to meet the needs of its customers.

Thumbnail Blaster Pros and Cons 


It has artificial intelligence built in, which doesn’t want you to learn how to use the software.
It comes with a money-back guarantee for either 30 or 60 days.
Since it comes with a money-back guarantee, you can try it out as a Thumbnail Blaster demo and get your money back within 30 or 60 days.
You could say that software comes with ready-made templates that have been tested and shown to get views on YouTube.
It doesn’t require you to download and install the software. It’s as easy as clicking and using.
Integrated with a type of YouTube analyzer algorithm that will make it easy for you to work around YouTube’s rules in a way that is legal.


You need an internet connection to use Thumbnail Blaster software. You can’t do work on your device without an internet connection, save it, and then edit it right away with the software.
Artificial intelligence may limit your intelligence evolution.

User Reviews of Thumbnail Blaster
Many people who purchased Thumbnail Blaster software were able to get their videos to the top of YouTube and Google without having to learn how to make a thumbnail that attracts traffic.

Is it worth spending money on Thumbnail Blaster?
If you don’t have design skills or don’t want to improve your intelligence by researching and making a traffic-maximizing thumbnail for your YouTube video, then it’s worth investing in Thumbnail Blaster, which will do your part of the work to make a thumbnail for your YouTube video that brings in more viewers or visitors.

Bonuses for the Thumbnail Blaster
Thumbnail Blaster software comes with the following two bonuses:

Video Ranking Machine
This is a bonus that lets you rank as high as possible on Google if you already have Thumbnail Blaster and a YouTube account.

Webinars and live training
Another bonus is a free webinar on how to use the Thumbnail Blaster and video ranking machine to get the best results.

To sum up:

If you’ve read all of the information in this Thumbnail Blaster review, you might be considering comparing. But there might not be much thumbnail-making software on the market to compare it to. If there is, I’m guessing it won’t have all the features that the Thumbnail Blaster app does. So, taking into account the app’s features, its low price, and everything else, you might not be able to find any other software that can compete with or beat it.

If you find software that seems better than Thumbnail Blaster demo, compare the bonuses that come with it and the money-back guarantee for thirty and/or sixty days. Other similar software may not offer bonuses and powerful features like those in Thumbnail Blaster because you can use it as a demo for a month and then ask for a refund. This software also has artificial intelligence built in, so you don’t have to use or improve your own intelligence to learn how to design a thumbnail that will help you get better rankings, targeted visitors, and a lot of traffic. So, if you want to get your video or other online work to the top of Google and YouTube without having to hire a professional, the Thumbnail Blaster app is a great choice.


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