The New Wordle Unlimited Bosorioo You Should Play Right Now

By | November 15, 2023

Wordle Unlimited Bosorioo is one of the Wordle games you should try. I just tried it and I love it that is why I recommend you also try it.

If you have been following my posts for a while, you will realize I have been writing so much about wordle games. Well, the fact that there are so many different types of wordle games makes it even more interesting.

If you have not tried any of them yet then there is a list of them you can try. The New Wordle Unlimited Bosorioo You Should Play Right Now.

These are some of the Wordle games I have written about. I even had the chance to try an Anti Wordle Unlimited game which I will say is one of the very interesting games you can try. It is like a reversed wordle game.

Wordle Unlimited Bosorioo source code

This wordle game is just like another wordle game you have ever played. But the reason why I had to write about it is that I found out it is an open-source Wordle game that you can download and customize for yourself.

I mean you can download the source code and host it on your own domain and customize it how you want. Of course, that will be only if you know how to work with computer codes. You can hire someone to do that for you as well.

If you want to get the source code, simply head to using the link. Download the source code and you can customize and host it. Make sure you also share your customization on GitHub with other developers.

The reason why most people attach the name “Bosorioo” to the game is that “Bruno Bosorioo” made a very great game. If you are unable to get the source code, you can search for “Bruno Bosorioo” on GitHub and check his repository.

How to play

Unlike other wordle games that give you up to eight chances, the Wordle Unlimited Bosorioo, gives you only 6 chances to play. I you couldn’t guess the word in six attempts, it will be game over.

You can play this game from It is also available on too.

The New Wordle Unlimited Bosorioo You Should Play Right Now

What you get when you pen the game is a grid. You are to fill each row with a five-letter word you think is the word of the day. The goal is to find the right word before you run out of rows.

There are a few color clues to guide you to find the right word. Make sure to follow these color clues if you really want to wind.

The colors

There are three colors in the entire game. You Green which indicates that the letter is in the mystery word and at the right position and it also means you can not change the position of that letter in your next spellings.

There is also a yellow color. It means the letter is in the mystery word but not in the right position. In this case, you have to include that letter in your next spelling but in a different position.

Then there are the grey letters. The letters get greyed out if they are not in the mystery word. This also means you cannot use the gray letters in any of your next spellings again.

If you are not getting it, look at my gameplay below.

Wordle Unlimited Bosorioo source code

I completed the game in four chances. The first word was just a random word I entered so I could see some colors. unfortunately, no colors so I entered another random word to activate the colors.

In the next game, I only have to keep “D” where it is and move “R” around also considering the fact that most words need vowels. Here is the case most of the vowels we use often are greyed out. I only had to create something with the remaining vowels maintaining the position of the green letters.

That is how you play Wordle Unlimited Bosorioo.

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