Text Chemistry Review

We are more linked than ever before in the Internet age, but in some ways, we are more disconnected than at any other time in human history. Consider how modern relationships frequently blossom or wilt as a result of phone chats between lovers.

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Texting is essential for romantic communication, whether you are a youngster or a middle-aged professional.

Have you been doing it incorrectly? Amy North, author of Text Chemistry, claims that you most likely have and that there are tactics you may use to engage and fascinate a man.

In the parts that follow, I’ll explain what Text Chemistry is and isn’t and give you my take on the program as a man who has done his fair share of writing and revising romantic texts.

What Is Text Chemistry and What Isn’t It?
Text Chemistry is simply a compendium of modern-day dating advice, and author Amy North has bundled it into an instructive program. The program’s purpose is to educate you how to text a man you’re interested in, as well as how to text him as you date and the relationship develops into something more serious. The program not only teaches you how to text, but also what not to text.

Texting is difficult, not only for women but also for men. It’s especially difficult when you don’t know who you’re dealing with. In general, communicating through the Internet is challenging. When you communicate in person, other people give you a plethora of clues that you frequently miss and respond to instinctively. However, their absence is palpable. Everyone has had experiences where something they posted online came across in ways they did not intend.

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While the emphasis is on texting, Text Chemistry goes beyond simply customizing your texts. It also gives you with notions and even phrases to utilize, and this is undoubtedly the component of the program that some will find objectionable because it can appear deceptive and even dishonest.

Who Is Text Chemistry For?
Text Chemistry is a program created by a woman for other women who want to be more effective in dating and romantic texting in particular. There is nothing vulgar in this program, and it is comparable to another famous dating book for women, His Secret Obsession, with the key distinction being that this one focuses on texting, whereas the other book tackles communication more broadly.

For the most part, age is unimportant here. The techniques in this book can be applied by older women just as well as teenagers. However, many of North’s tweets may need to be altered to fit your voice, which may be more difficult for younger readers.

Text Chemistry, despite being written for women, is a worthwhile read for men. The program does cover a lot of male psychology and how to use it to your advantage. These tactics will thus not be beneficial for a man interacting with a woman, but it does present men with a feminine viewpoint on not only romantic texting but a wide range of dating-related issues, which I found rather interesting.

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The Impetus for This Review (as a Man)
I review books, particularly those that teach you something, and my topics have ranged from survival to learning to play the piano. His Secret Obsession was my first romantic help book, and I absolutely enjoyed it. What I didn’t expect was the reaction I got from female readers to my review. They appreciated my perspective and candor, which prompted me to read and review a number of additional books in this genre, including Never Chase Men Again and The Devotion System.

I strongly advise you to read Text Chemistry reviews written by women as well. This will supply you with perspectives that are more similar to your own. Having said that, I believe it can be really beneficial to consider this product from a male perspective. After all, you’ll be employing these strategies on men!

Amy North is the author of this article.

When I review books on this issue, the authors are frequently elusive, and I am forced to judge the books only on the substance contained within. Amy North, on the other hand, was not in this situation. She was actually very simple to vet. North is a Canadian psychologist who has made a name for herself as a dating coach for women. North has her own website, a YouTube channel with over 591,000 subscribers, a vibrant Facebook network, and a strong presence on numerous other social media platforms.

What Is Included in Text Chemistry?
The Text Chemistry download contains four e-books and thirteen videos. Three of the e-books are bonuses, and we’ll talk about them in the sections that follow, along with the video courses. The main e-book, Text Chemistry, is 122 pages long and covers five different sorts of texts:

Fuel the flames of a new relationship, Rocket.
Crystal Ball: Encourage him to make things official, move in with you, and so on.
Satellite: Attempt to attract the attention of a faraway partner.
Make him gravitate toward you, Supernova.
Tantalizing: Spice up the relationship and have some fun.
North delves into ways to make each of these text forms more effective. She gives various examples that you can use verbatim or as a guideline for your own unique texts.

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Text Chemistry in 13 Lessons
The main e-book is basically divided into 13 sections. North also includes 13 films of varied lengths that supplement these sections by expanding on the topics in ways that text cannot.

Lesson 1: Create texts that elicit an immediate response.
Lesson Two: Maintain a partner’s attention rather than allowing it to stray.
Lesson Three: Use satellite SMS to entice an ex back into your life—or to keep them away.
Lesson Four: Use supernova texts to rekindle a dormant relationship.
Lesson 5: Use tempting texts to arouse desire.
Lesson Six: Learn to examine a man’s texts and decipher what they say.
Motivate a male partner to commit to marriage and family life in Lesson Seven.
Lesson 8: Use texts to pique people’s interest.
Lesson Nine: Make good use of emoticons and other visuals.
Lesson ten: Text your man strategically to make him miss you.
Lesson Eleven: Communicate effectively over the phone as well.
Lesson Twelve: Persuade your man to stay faithful to you.
Lesson Thirteen: Put all of these abilities together to create a successful plan.
Visit the official website to learn more about the major Text Chemistry e-book!

The Extra Books
The Phone Game: This e-book looks at how to talk to a man on the phone. It works effectively as a supplement to the main book because the strategies used on the phone differ from those employed when texting.
The Reasons Men Leave: This book delves into other areas of male psychology, namely why so many men leave women they still love and want to be with.
Tinder’s High-Quality Men: Yes. On Tinder, there are some really kind guys. This book discusses polishing your profile to attract them as well as how to avoid the rotten eggs in their profiles and messages.

The Text Chemistry Approach to Understanding

The Text Chemistry method entails determining what a man truly desires and acknowledging that most men do not know how to obtain it for themselves. Men, like women, have emotional requirements. However, they frequently do not express them and, in many cases, are not even aware of them. If you can identify and meet those requirements, you will strengthen the bond and improve the relationship. While this is similar to His Secret Obsession, author North distinguishes this book and the accompanying videos by focusing on text message communication optimization.

A Closer Look at Text Messaging

There is chemistry between you when you are together in person. You also understand how to grow it. It is not necessary for you to consider it. It is an intrinsic skill, and if you have the potential, you can realize it. The same cannot be said of texting, which is due to a lack of in-person communication abilities that we all take for granted, such as body language. Text Chemistry focuses on embedding those aspects into your messages as well as learning how to spot them in texts authored by your partner.

Pricing and a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Text Chemistry
The regular price for Text Chemistry is $49.95. There are no additional fees for shipping or handling. As soon as your money is finalized, you will be able to download all e-books and videos. All sales are performed by ClickBank.com, a reputable Internet merchant. All purchases are guaranteed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to read the book and decide if you like it. If you are dissatisfied, please contact [email protected] to seek a refund. Customer service will react to your request within 24 hours, and your refund will be handled within the next 24 working hours.

What I Liked About Text Chemistry
In comparison to similar programs, the price is reasonable.
No-questions-asked refund policy for 60 days
a plethora of real-world texting instances
Excellent advise on how to respond to text messages.
Excellent suggestions on how to boost one’s self-esteem. texting
The advice for growing confidence while texting is good and has aided me as a man. Overall, Amy North conveys a good message, uses verbs in her phrases, and avoids overt manipulation. I literally laughed out loud a few times while reading her texts since I had no doubt that they would work on me if my girlfriend used them.

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What I Didn’t Like About Text Chemistry

To some extent, she is still manipulating.
There are no hardcovers available.
North is a psychologist rather than a writer.
While the price of Text Chemistry is reasonable, I believe that you should have the option of purchasing a hardcover, even if you have to pay for shipping and handling. It would make an excellent present. As much as I think Amy North is a wonderful voice, the manipulating component of the program turned me off, and I know from my His Secret Obsession review that many women feel the same way. Also, while it isn’t a deal breaker, I believe this work might benefit from a ghostwriter’s edit.

Alternatives for Text Chemistry
Here’s a quick comparison of Text Chemistry to other romance books:

1. His Unknown Obsession
There is a lot of overlap between these two approaches. Even if you’ve read HSO, Text Chemistry is worth reading for its emphasis on texting and North’s distinct voice.

2. The System of Devotion
Amy North also wrote The Devotion System, which is a fantastic read as well. The emphasis here is more introspective, with an emphasis on releasing emotional baggage and dispelling self-doubts.

3. The Ex-Factor Handbook
This guide focuses on how to get your ex back. Text Chemistry offers a brief section on this, but the main themes of both books are very different. If getting your ex back is your major goal, this is the one to go for.

4. Make Him Obey You
This book delves into male psychology, and there is undoubtedly some overlap between the ideas presented here and those presented in Text Chemistry and His Secret Obsession. However, the author here is sex psychology expert Michael Fiore, and he concentrates on how culture molds male psychology, which distinguishes it enough to recommend it as an excellent read even if you’ve already read the other books.

5. Never again pursue men
Never Chase Men Again is one of the most popular dating books on the market at the time of authoring. It may not compare to Text Chemistry in terms of focus and subjects, but it is well worth your time.

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Customer Feedback
I looked at a lot of consumer reviews before and after I read Text Chemistry, and I focused on ones that I could verify and were written by women. The answer from that group was highly positive. I couldn’t discover a single consumer who had asked for a refund, and the majority of customers were happy with the real-world texting samples. They were made with a lot of care and attention to detail, and it shows.

Final Thoughts and My Opinion

Text Chemistry is a must-read for everyone interested in this field, in my opinion. While it is not often the most technically polished book, Amy North is a distinctive and engaging voice with a lot of insightful things to say about both relationships and texting.

When it comes to dating books, the Text Chemistry review is one of my favorites. As previously stated, there is some overlap between this novel and His Secret Obsession. But, practically every time this happened, North supplied some perspective that was separate from James Bauer’s, and I believe that reading them both provided a unique education.

Questions and Answers
The following are the most often asked questions I encountered while reviewing Text Chemistry:

1. Is Text Chemistry a Scam?
No. The bottom line is that this is a romance and texting strategy designed by a professional psychologist who has dedicated her career to becoming a dating coach for women. This book was written after extensive research, and the effort put into the real-world texting examples is outstanding. Of course, this strategy is not appropriate for everyone. However, this does not constitute it a scam, and there is a full money-back guarantee if you do not believe you received any value from the program.

2. How Can You Get Text Chemistry?
The four e-books are in PDF format and can be viewed on a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. The videos are in AVI format, which is supported by the majority of devices. You will also be sent URLs to websites where the videos are embedded. These may be more convenient for certain people, but having the video files is useful for individuals who wish to watch them while they are not connected to the internet.

3. Do you get Text Chemistry shipped to you?
No. Text Chemistry is not presently available in hardcover or paperback. This is a digital purchase that includes four PDF e-books and thirteen AVI films. Your purchase email will include a link for you to download these resources at your leisure. You will need to create an account, which will allow you to redownload the files at any time.

4. Is Text Chemistry Effective?
Does Text Chemistry work? is by far the most often asked question about this book, and the answer is yes, but with some caveats. This isn’t some magical recipe that will make you desirable to men just by messaging. It does, however, teach you how to avoid undermining yourself when texting, how to text with confidence, and how to decipher texts from your spouse. I know this works because it caused me to notice my own errors and reevaluate and correct my texts.

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5. What Is the Price of Text Chemistry?
Text Chemistry is normally priced at $49.95. There are no additional fees for shipping or handling. The state linked with your payment method determines whether or not ClickBank will charge you tax.

6. Is it possible to get your money back?
Yes. TextChemistry.com provides a money-back guarantee of 60 days. If you decide you want a refund, no questions are asked. You only need to contact customer service at [email protected] Customer service will react within 24 hours and complete your refund within 24 business hours. The refund may take 4-7 business days to appear on your credit card.

7. Is it Possible to Have Chemistry Through Text?
Absolutely. Consider a close friend or family member with whom you frequently communicate via text. Pairings like these frequently develop their own vocabulary, allowing them to text each other in ways that would not be possible with a stranger. You can establish chemistry with anyone who interests you, and while it is certainly easier after bonding in person and building a history, there are tactics you can take to improve your texts, make yourself more engaging, and build chemistry with your partner.

What Exactly Is E-Glow Text?
In person, a woman understands how to make herself desirable to a man. But how do you accomplish it entirely through text on your phone? E-glow text messages are Amy North’s answer to this question. North actually examined old love letters and the strategies individuals employed back then while inventing this strategy. She then adapted that forgotten expertise to new courtship customs, particularly texting.

What Exactly Is Tantalizing Seduction Text?
This is Amy North’s perspective on the art of seduction as seen via the digital lens. How do you entice someone using text message? North offers tactics not only for texting but also for utilizing language that particularly addresses how men think and perceive in order to make them want you.

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