Teaching Courses At Unisa: Teaching Requirements, Prices Of Teaching Courses, Application For Teaching Course At Unisa

By | November 16, 2022

 Unisa is an open-distance e-learning university, so it opens the chance for students can set their own schedules for studying. Unisa provides a mix of general formative academic programs normally related to a traditional university and career-oriented courses often offered by universities of technology.

Unisa Teaching Requirements

Qualification stream: School subject combination : Computer Application Technology-

NQF level:7

Qualification code: 90104-CAT

Total credits:480

SAQA ID:103108


Aps Score for teaching at UniSA

The prerequisites for submitting an application for a higher certificate are as follows:

You need a 15 on the APS scale: Your APS score cannot fall below 15 in order to apply for a higher certificate. It has to be 15 or more.

30% in the language used for the course: You must have at least 30% in the language used for the course. You must have received at least a 30% on your English matriculation exam if the course is delivered in English.

Matriculation Certificate: A matriculation certificate is required for higher certificates

40% in matric in a home language: In matric, you must have received at least a 40% in your native language. 

Teaching courses at UniSA prices

Your tuition expenses are determined by the qualification you are pursuing and the amount of modules you decide to enroll in. The typical student enrolls in 4 to 6 modules per year, costing between R1 665 and R4 835 per (*these prices are prone to revision).

Teaching Courses At Unisa

UniSa has a wide array for its students given the qualification and competency of the student.

You can click on this link to get access to all the courses at Unisa. https://www.unisa.ac.za/sites/corporate/default/Register-to-study-through-Unisa/Undergraduate-&-honours-qualifications/Find-your-qualification-&-choose-your-modules/All-qualifications?cw_college=EDUCATION

Bachelor of Education Unisa

Bachelor of Education in Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Teaching School subject combination: Language (90104 – LAN) can be studied at Unisa.

a National Certificate Vocational (NCV) level 4 with a minimum grade point average of 60% in three core courses, such as the language of instruction and learning, and a minimum grade point average of 70% in four vocational subjects of your choice from the NCV level 4 subjects.

Diploma in teaching at UniSA

A Level 4 National Certificate (Vocational) with a diploma entry endorsement or equivalent and at least 40% in the language of teaching and learning is required for the Diploma in teaching.

The requirements are given as follows

APS/AS: 18

Total credits: 360

NQF level: 6

SAQA ID: 117406

Application for Teaching Course At Unisa

Click on the link provided to send you to the Unisa short course portal https://www.unisa.ac.za/sites/corporate/default/Apply-for-admission/Apply-for-admission-to-study:-application-tool

  • Choose the kind of teaching course you want to apply to whether for Honours Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas , Short Learning Programmes or Master’s and Doctoral.
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Fill in the other details and make sure that your application is complete. No incomplete applications will be accepted.

Method of Teaching Course At Unisa

Unisa employs some of the best teaching methods to ensure the students get the full understanding of what they are being taught.

The Learner-centered methods, Content-focused methods; and Interactive/participative methods are all used in Unisa.

Free Teaching Courses at Unisa

Unfortunately, all the teaching courses at Unisa are paid and they do not offer free teaching courses.

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