How To Subscribe To MTN Jara For Unlimited Calls In Ghana 2021

By | July 8, 2021

I believe we all had a moment thinking about how to make free calls on MTN Ghana without spending much airtime credit on our phone. Yes, that’s when MTN Jara comes in — allowing you to make free calls each and everyday by paying only 50 pesewas.

There are several MTN deals and promotions you can subscribe to — and enjoy cheaper calls and internet bundles or MTN free calls in Ghana. From MTN Talk chaw — that is MTN Nkomode offer, MTN Magic number, MTN Mashup, MTN Sunday Special and many more found in Ghana.

In my today’s article, I would like to show you how to activate MTN Jara for unlimited calls in Ghana 2021.

What is MTN Jara in Ghana?

The MTN Jara is a promotion by MTN Ghana that allows all MTN subscribers from particular regions in Ghana — to make unlimited phone calls to other MTN numbers within 24 hours and pay only GHS 0.50p.

With at little as 54 pesewas, you can talk from morning till 11:59pm on MTN to MTN calls. The MTN Jara offer allows you to subscribe and enjoy free calls, SMS and 50MB daily.

Some of the selected regions by MTN Ghana that the Jara offer is working are: Upper East Region, Upper West Region, Northern Region, Volta Regions of Ghana, Brong Ahafo Regions of Ghana.

MTN Jara Packages

  • GHC 0.54 — Talk & Text
  • GHC 1.09 — Talk, Text & Browse 50MB
  • GHC 2.17 — Talk, Text, Browse + additional offers

How To Subscribe To MTN Jara

  1. Dial the Jara short code, *5055#
  2. Select the package you prefer
  3. Select the amount as well
  4. Kindly confirm purchase of your offer for your number
  5. Enter 1 to confirm.

With MTN Jara, qualified customers can enjoy unlimited voice calls and SMS daily from Mondays to Saturdays at 52 Pesewas daily. Simply dial MTN short code *5055# and follow the prompts to activate your MTN Jara offer today.

After successful subscription, you will be told; “You’ve subscribed to Talk & Text for free till 11:59pm everyday for GHC xxx. Offer renews daily”.

After activating for the MTN Jara offer in any of the promotional zone regions like Brong Ahafo Regions, Upper East, Upper West, Northern Region, Volta Region — you can make free unlimited calls to a person who is living in the non-promotional regions such as Ashanti Region, Central Region, Eastern Region, Greater Accra and Western Region.

Some of these regions MTN Jara does not work are; Ashanti Region (Kumasi), Greater Accra Region (Accra) etc. When you dial the MTN Jara short code, *5055# — you shall receive notification that: “Sorry, you are not qualified for this offer.”

How To Deactivate MTN Jara Offer

The MTN Jara offer is an auto-renewal offer by MTN Ghana, and you will have to cancel the subscription yourself. If you are looking for how to deactivate the MTN Jara offer, you can send STOP to 5055. MTN Ghana will send a confirmation message that you have deactivated successfully.

Does MTN Jara Work All Days?

MTN Jara works from Monday to Saturday, with the exception of Sunday. So, anytime you subscribe to the MTN Jara offer on Sunday, the offer will not work but your airtime credit shall be deducted by MTN Ghana. With this, you only have to subscribe or activate the MTN Sunday Special offer for free calls on Sunday.

Frequently Asked Questions About MTN Jara offer In Ghana

MTN Jara Code In Ghana

The MTN Jara code is *5055#.

How To Activate MTN Jara offer in Ghana

Activating the MTN Jara promotion is easy. All you have to do is dial the code *5055# and follow the steps.

How To Deactivate MTN Jara offer in Ghana

To deactivate the MTN Jara offer, you can send STOP to the Jara code — 5055 to stop the auto-renewal.

How to make MTN unlimited calls in Ghana

If you are looking forward to make MTN unlimited calls in Ghana, then you should subscribe to the MTN Jara offer from its promotional zone regions in Ghana.

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