How To Split Screen On Android Phone (2021 Guide)

By | October 4, 2021

With the advancement of technology, you can make everything possible on your mobile phone. If you desire to use two (2) different mobile applications at the same spot on your Android device’s screen, then you can make use of this article to split the screen of your android phone easily.

In our today’s article guide, I shall take you through some of the steps on How To Split Screen On Android Phone (2021 Guide)

What Is Android Phone Screen Split?

Everything about how to split the screen of your Android phone is the method by which you are allowed to use two different mobile applications on your mobile phone at the same time. Though feature of splitting screen on mobile phone might not be available on all Android phones, but can be found in latest produced android phones and can be done with Android apps too.

This is just like performing multitask on the same android phone’s screen at a go.

There are times we wished we could be using WhatsApp and Facebook at the same time on the same screen without stress. Well, this article can help you to perform any multitask such as using WhatsApp and Snapchat or Tiktok at the same time on your screen.

How To Split Screen On Android Phones

This is the main useful information if you would love to split your Android phone’s screen.

Press App Switcher Button

On your android phone, you can press the app switcher button that is found near the bottom of your android phone to get started.

Tap and hold icon of application A

To do this simply, kindly tap and hold the icon of the app ‘A’ which can be WhatsApp and hold the app’s body.

Options for split screen varies based on the device you are using. You can find in many devices like Split-screen or Open in split-screen view.

Select application B to activate

Now, you would want to split your android device’s screen and use WhatsApp and Facebook Lite together and you should select Facebook Lite to activate split-screen mode.

Now, you are done with how to split your Android screen to use both WhatsApp and Facebook Lite all together.

Watch Video Of How To Enable Split Screen On All Android Phones 2021

This is what I have for you today about how to split your Android device’s screen easily on any mobile phone you are using. Follow and get yours done, submit your comment in the box below for more discussion.

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