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By | July 16, 2022

The address is a familiar website address that computer and internet persons hear only at a time and some people mistakenly recorded 192.168.l.l each and every day.

For many times, this serves as IP address of them modem you are using to browse the internet. One solid reason why someone would visit or open this IP address is to update Wi-Fi password, change the network configuration, check the internet status or disconnect a device from access internet with the Wi-Fi.

There are many modem manufacturers across the globe, and not all of these modem manufacturers like to use the IP address as their default IP address to login address and that changes to the IP address or automatically.

This article guide will brief you more you should know about Some Basic Things About That You Need To Know in 2022.

Default Setting Of IP Router

The default setting of IP router is the router configuration address to open the Router configuration page whenever you enter

By default, the “admin” is the login ID and password for your router.

How To Access address

To access address via your device, you would first of all connect to the network device via wifi or LAN cable. Most people find it difficult to connect to the address but this is due to the fact that you cannot access while using 3G/4G LTE.

There is a probability to change other settings after being able to login to the modem management page on your device, such as change your wifi password, QoS (quality management, network speed), Proxy DNS, LAN, WAN, Block wifi access by MAC address, dial PPPOE and many others.

How To Find Router IP address

We live in a technological world and moved by the revolution of technology, and not all routers can have the same IP address. Most routers have different IP addresses, and this is why.

In the cause of logging in with the IP address and this is not working for your router, try your hands on different IP addresses to login.

Failure to login to the IP address, you should try other IP addresses like, or

Set up Wi-Fi transmitter Configuration

You should set up Wi-Fi transmitter configuration now. You could simply turn off the Wi-Fi feature on the router whenever you are using a Wi-Fi router to browse the internet on your computer.

Doing so, this will help to turn off or on by visiting the IP address

Additionally, there is an option for you to configure your network settings along with your ISP’s DNS or Gateway IP Settings. There is probability that your internet will now run faster if you consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP). As The IP Address Of The Modem

Generally, is the IP address of the modem that you can use to check and see if you experience any sudden disconnection in your internet. You can access the IP address 192.168. ll to check and fix the error when your internet suddenly disconnected.

Recover Your Admin Name And Password Easily

If you are looking for how to recover Admin name and password, we can assure you there is always a solution to anything.

Many people don’t know how to change the default admin name and password and leave this like that, of which anyone can guess easily.

Login with the router’s admin password whenever you find the correct address and an internet lover can also make use of the “Command Prompt” command to get the correct IP address.

For Netgear WNDR3700 router, you can get Web-based control program that helps you to reset your router safely. Resetting can only be the best option to recover username and password for your Router and here is a simple guide to follow.

Find the reset button on the Router. Some Routers have their own at the bottom or on the top of the router.

Now, press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds to see that all the LED lights blink. Release your hand after all the LED lights on your Router blink.

You would now have to connect your Router to your Computer or device, and enter the default IP address into the address bar – and press the Enter key.

After, enter your default username and password which is admin. There will be a prompt to modify or change your Router’s password after you have successfully logged in.

Reasons Why You Cannot Access The IP Address

If you are not able to access the IP from your PC, then you would have to reset the Modem to be able to use the default IP. For your first time and not sure how to go about this, the best way to solve this issue is to contact your telecommunication network technician to guide and walk you through the complete steps to reset the modem and do proper account configuration as well.

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