Solity Bluetooth Doorlock: How To Download The App

Many Bluetooth Low Energy door locks have flooded the market in recent times but one of the best brands that can be recommended for anyone is the Solity brand that manufactures high quality Solity Bluetooth doorlock.

Description of Solity Smart Locks

IoT solutions are offered by Smart Solity for the door lock industry. Solity’s IoT locks can connect to a variety of apps and support WiFi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth standard communication protocols. This enables customers to remotely monitor the smart door lock.

Where can I find the Solity App to download?

Android users can install the “Smart Solity” app by searching for “Solity” on the Play Store.

iOS users can get the “Smart Solity” app by searching for “Solity” in the App Store.

Why settle for Solity smart door locks over competing models?

Since 1980, Solity has worked with computerized door locks.

It is Korea’s largest manufacturer and sells more than 1.38 million digital locks in 2019.

innovative technology with more than 100 patents that provide various levels of safety and ease.

56 lab tests are conducted for quality control during manufacture.

As compared to others, it has affordable cost

The market is filled with a wide variety of digital locks.

How long is the Solity smart door lock warranty period?

All items purchased from or our authorized dealers are covered by a 24-month local warranty for the original buyer.

Valid starting from the original date of purchase

Can I utilize the services connected to the Smart Solity app outside?

Absolutely, the services are accessible even while traveling abroad if you are in locations with data or WiFi connection.

What does a Smart Open feature entail?

When the customer gets home, this gadget employs GPS technology to open the smart door lock via Bluetooth.

When a user who has a smartphone connected to the smart lock reaches the entrance, it opens the door at the appropriate moment through a sensitivity test.

What does the Smart Key Sharing function entail?

The ability to invite users is granted in 4 different ways.

One-time Password, User, Visitor, and Master are some of the available permissions.

Users are invited by text message or an app invitation.

To make the UI/UX experience more comfortable, each key has a user username.

What does the Smart Key Control function entail?

Via the app, users may register and manage their authentication methods, such as password, card, or fingerprint.

issuing a guest key by establishing a specified policy (specific day of the week or time)

E.g., On just Mondays and Fridays from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

For owners of guesthouses or AirBnBs, it is a really helpful service.

What do the terms “Smart Alarm & History” mean?

This feature enables the user to instantly check a number of smart lock features, including the in/out history, intruder alert, and battery drain.

It continuously updates each event’s history.

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