School Management Software In Ghana

By | May 3, 2022

The adoption of technology has aided schools in coping with these continuous changes.  A school Enterprise Resource Planning software ERP aids academic and operational success by integrating diverse departments to a centralized system and managing all big and minor actions that occur in a typical school day.

A School Enterprise Resource Planning software helps manage and keep track of day-to-day activities, including administrative tasks, teaching, curriculum management, student attendance, student information, fee record management, homework management, etc. With ERP, all users may access a consolidated interface that displays all pertinent data.  parents and teachers can stay informed with real-time data such as student progress, attendance records, and upcoming events, which encourages collaboration between the institution and parents.

Key Reasons Schools Use School Management softwares

There are numerous benefits attached to the use of ERP systems and below are some of the reasons.

Better Teacher-Student Collaboration

Students and teachers can interact outside of the classroom with the help of an ERP system. This helps to bridge the communication divide, and students can also get their questions answered online. This can be quite beneficial for students who are hesitant to ask questions during class.

Enhanced Teacher-Parent Communication

When everyone is busy, a parent can view their ward’s attendance records, performance records, contact the teachers about it, and so on by logging in with their credentials on the ERP system. This improves communication between the teacher and parents by providing frequent updates that promote transparency.

Reduces the amount of time spent on paperwork

Everything, from student acceptance to report generation, may be made into a digital process that saves time and reduces errors. This system can automate time-consuming processes such as recording attendance, producing timetables, generating payslips, and sending emails or messages to parents. Reports that assist teachers and school staff can also be generated with a single click, saving time in the process.

Saves time and money

Using the ERP system properly can save money on everything from stationary to storage space. There is also a savings in communication costs because you no longer have to call and send messages to parents to inform them of future events at the school;

Tips To Choose The Best School ERP System

  1. Recognize Your Unique Requirements
    Not every function of an ERP system is appropriate for your needs. Instead of determining which characteristics of an ERP system will best fit your needs, reverse the process. Make a list of your criteria and then go about hunting for software that meets them. You can also explore for bespoke ERP software choices and have one made specifically for you.
  1. Conduct a thorough investigation

Learn about the current school ERP software on the market, as well as how other schools are implementing it. Make a final decision after comparing costs, available features, customization options, reviews, and testimonials.

  1. Take into account the cost

When investing such a huge sum of money, make sure to consider the rewards you will obtain over time. It’s a good idea to calculate the return on investment for each piece of ERP software you’re considering. Remember to factor in all recurring fees as well as fees for applicable updates, features, and customizations.

  1. Make Advance Arrangements

Prepare for how you’ll use the software ahead of time. This will come in handy while you’re speaking with the dealer. They have the finest understanding of your use case and can recommend the best solution for you. The vendor can also assist you in setting up a full demonstration of how their software can fit your demands and help you enhance productivity.

Price Of School Management Software In Ghana

The price of the School Management Software normally starts at GHS 1,0000 upwards depending on the kind of functionalities you want with the system.


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