How To Reset A DSTV Decoder Yourself

By | June 30, 2021

If you are a DSTV decoder user, this article about how to reset DSTV decoder can best help and guide you – anytime you wished to reset your DSTV decoder.

Resetting your DSTV decoder helps you do away with unwanted stations and avoid spending much on your DSTV decoder.

In resetting your DSTV decoder, there are always simple steps for you to apply to, do everything from the comfort of your home without the need to visit any DSTV sale outlet or repair shop near you.

No one would love to carry his or her DSTV decoder along to visit any DSTV repair outlet since now, there can be easier ways to do anything you want about your DSTV decoder.

In this article guide, I would like to brief you about How To Reset A DSTV Decoder Yourself easily in 2021.

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There is much information provided for you below about how to go about in resetting your DSTV decoder.

  1. Press the “Reset” and the standby button at the same time on your decoder’s front panel.
  2. The letter “dL” will come up on your DSTV decoder’s display panel
  3. When you see the letters, press and hold down the TV/Audio button and press the P+ button at the same time.
  4. You should continue holding the two of them until you see the word “done” on your DSTV decoder.
  5. You will be told if your DSTV decoder has been reset am.

Now, let us make use of the Manual Reset feature.

The Manual Reset

Under this process, you are going to manually reset your DSTV decoder yourself.

  1. Press the standby and the “reset” button at the same time
  2. The word “dL’ display on the decoder’s panel.
  3. Press P+, P+ — once you see the letters. Kindly make it faster as well.

That is all you may need to know about how to Reset A DSTV Decoder yourself easily.

Now, you are done with every step involved in resetting your DSTV decoder and it’s time to help others also make benefit from this. Kindly share with them.

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